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Singapore is hot and humid throughout the year. You cannot sleep, work and study with full concentration. You keep on sweating profusely. This can be very annoying. That is the reason almost all offices, homes, restaurants, and shops in Singapore are air-conditioned. Do you think that installing air conditioning alone is enough to escape from the cruel grip of heat in Singapore? How would you feel if your air-con switches off in the middle of the night? Can you tolerate a sleepless night? I am sure you cannot. What should be done to escape from such a crisis? You should have your aircon serviced regularly.

Regular Aircon servicing in Singapore is a must because like all other electrical appliances aircon too get many problems. The air filters may become dirty. The pipes may be clogged. It may start to drip. The air may have a foul smell. It may make a lot of noise. It may not work completely. There are numerous other problems that need to be fixed immediately. Do you know the consequences if they are not fixed immediately? The power consumption may increase dramatically. Your power bills are sure to raise your blood pressure levels dangerously. Already the rising prices are difficult to cope with. Can your pockets bear another major increase in your budget?

The consequences do not stop affecting your budget. A badly functioning air condition can affect your family’s health. An aircon that is not cleaned can be the breeding place for disease-causing microbes and it can also cause many allergies.

What is the solution for this? You should have your air conditioner serviced regularly. Do you think that you can clean your air conditioner yourself just like you clean your refrigerator and other appliances? It is true that you can clean the external parts yourself. What about the parts inside the aircon?

They can be cleaned perfectly only by professionals. How to find the right person to service your aircon? This must be the next question that arises in your mind, isn’t it? Don’t worry. You need not go in search of a competent person. There are many aircon servicing companies that are ready to offer regular services.

What are the services offered by them? They offer regular servicing. The frequency of servicing depends upon the duration of usage. How long do you use your aircon? Do you use it 24 hours a day? If so, your aircon needs a bi-monthly or at least a monthly service. If you use it for about 8 hours, you need at least three services a year. The aircon servicing companies provide annual contracts. You can choose the right type of aircon service to suit your needs.

Do the aircon servicing companies just clean the interiors? No, they offer numerous other services. You go for a periodic health check-up to your doctor to make sure that your health is perfectly alright, don’t you? Just as the doctor checks your whole body, the service engineer checks the compressor, the pipes, and all other parts of an aircon. He looks for troubles. If he finds any problem, he sets it right. Some problems may be solved through the chemical wash. Others may need an overhaul. A professional alone can know what to do and how to do it.

I know there is another question arising in your mind – ‘Where to and how to find the right company that offers the best aircon service’. Here is good news. You need not spend your precious time searching an aircon servicing company in Singapore. You can approach Singapore Aircon Servicing. They are the perfect one-stop solution for all your aircon problems.

What are the services offered by them? Installation, maintenance, repair, washing, cleaning, overhaul, chemical wash, topping up of gas, and many more useful services are included in the long list of their services. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a proverb. Aircon servicing from the right company can help you to avoid major repairs, health issues, and expenses in the future. @bsolute Aircon as a team of professional repairmen and service engineers who offer trustworthy and reliable service.

If you enter into a contract with them you can forget all your woes and problems about air conditioners. Enjoy the cool air even in the hottest summer without worrying about health issues.

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