7 Mattress Cleaning Myths To Avoid

The mention of the word mattress brings with it a feeling of comfort and blissful sleep. However, many people mattress owners do not take some time to consider the importance of washing them so as to keep them clean and free from harmful allergens and substances. Mattress cleaning is very important and should be done professionally. However, many mattress cleaning myths still abound today with many people in Singapore relegating this important service to the side-lines or even ignoring it altogether. Below are some of the most common mattress cleaning myths debunked:

Myth #1:- Mattresses do not need cleaning since they are dust mite free

Modern mattresses come with a dust mite coating and this comes as a guarantee from manufacturers that your mattress will be dust mite free. However, this guarantee is limited to a certain point in your mattresses’ lifetime and the anti-dust mite coating will wear off with time thus exposing it to dust and dust mite. The truth is that your mattress will need to be cleaned properly with time to get rid of any dust mite and allergens accumulation to leave it looking and feeling clean. 

Myth #2: – You only need water and shampoo to clean your mattress

Another common myth is that all you need in order to clean your mattress is some water and shampoo. However, mattress manufacturers discourage against using water and harsh cleaning agents including shampoos for carpet cleaning as these will make your mattress dump and damage the materials thus causing more problems for you. Any stains on the mattress surface should be cleaned using damp piece of cloth and mild soap before being dried immediately to prevent against water mark formation on your mattress cover. Apart from that, mattress cleaning should be done professionally without introducing any fluids to the mattress material. 

Myth #3: – You do not need to clean your mattress if it has a mattress cover

This is another misconception that you should not fall for. Although mattress covers are capable of protecting your mattress from stains and spillages, it is important to understand that they do not make your mattress immune from dust mite and other allergens. Dust mites and allergens will infiltrate your mattress with time and the only way to get rid of them is by cleaning your mattress with time. Remember there are other contaminants such as dead skin, sweat and dust that will penetrate your mattress and you should get rid of them if your mattress is to remain clean and healthy. 

Myth #4: – You do not need mattress cleaning if it looks clean

As a common saying goes, “Looks can be deceiving” and therefore you should not fall for this misconception. Even though your mattress might appear clean on the surface, chances are that it is inhibited by some dangerous contaminants which you should get rid of. Dust and other micro organisms are not obvious to the eyes but pose a major risk to your health. You should therefore consider seeking mattress maintenance services after some months of use even if you do not see a layer of dust and stains on the surface.

Myth #5: – Anyone can clean their mattress without involving a professional

This myth might look appealing especially if you do not want to spend money paying for the mattress cleaning services. However, it is important to know that DIY mattress cleaning could prove very expensive in the long run especially if you do it incorrectly and thus mess up with your investment. Mattress cleaning does not have to be expensive and therefore it will be advisable to leave it to people who have the necessary skills, equipments and time for the job.

Myth #6: – A new mattress doesn’t need to be cleaned

This is a common myth which has exposed many people to harmful allergens and chemicals and therefore it should be debunked. While it is true that a new mattress will look clean and attractive, it is important to know that the manufacturing process isn’t all the free from harmful chemicals and dust which could harm you as you start using it. Cleaning your new mattress is very important especially if you are asthmatic or allergic as it will keep you protected.

Myth #7: – Weekly or monthly mattress vacuuming is enough 

Vacuuming your mattress on a weekly or monthly basis is good but not enough. It is important to consider hiring the services of a professional mattress cleaner who can thoroughly work on your mattress without causing any damages to its structure while at the same time ensuring that any pollen, fungi, dust and hazardous elements are eliminated. A professional vacuum cleaner knows and owns the right cleaning equipment which will help prevent possible damages to your mattress while ensuring it is sparkling clean and healthy.

Infographic - How to Remove Stains On Mattress
Infographic – How to Remove Stains On Mattress
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