Best Tips For Quick and Efficient Home Cleaning

A clean house can contribute significantly towards peace and harmony in a person’s life. Cleaning a house means getting rid of harmful elements and making it look well arranged. A house is divided into different areas according to their function. Every part of the house should be cleaned efficiently so that it doesn’t harbor and spread germs in the house. Using the below given cleaning tips can help people save a lot of time and effort on home cleaning.

General cleaning tips:

Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.
 These reusable and inexpensive cloths are much better at home cleaning work than paper towels.

Clean spills and marks immediately
. This helps in saving a lot of time and effort while cleaning the house later. For absorbent materials like wood and cardboard, cleaning quickly can reduce the damage considerably.

Maintain and renew the home cleaning equipment regularly. 
Sponges, clothes, brooms etc. can easily harbor germs and wear out with time. They can cause problems if not disinfected properly and replaced on time.

Use brooms with finer bristles for cleaning small dust particles indoors. 
Larger and stiffer bristles are helpful in cleaning rough and porous surfaces outside the house.

Clean the fans, attics and the upper areas of the house first. 
This way, the fallen dust particles can be easily swept off while cleaning the floor.

Clean plants using mild soap along with water to keep them from harm. 
After cleaning, apply a drop of mayo using clean cloth to get shining leaves.

Toothpaste can be a very useful tool in cleaning various items such as silver jewelry, faucets or sneakers.

Get rid of odor from garbage can by using lemon and pouring cold water over it.

Clean wall drawings in the house by lightly scrubbing over them with a damp sponge which has baking soda sprinkled over it.

Timing the tasks helps in completing the home cleaning process quickly.
 Multitasking with different things such as setting the oven while sweeping, also saves time.

Kitchen cleaning tips:

It is best to move in a circle when cleaning the kitchen. This helps in efficiently cleaning the areas quickly. End cleaning the kitchen by cleaning their stove as it is the dirtiest part of the kitchen.

Use dishwasher for washing plastic items and toys easily.
 They can be used while home cleaning to wash a number of items within the house without fuss.

Soak scrubbers and sponges in warm water with soap.
 This will make them ready for cleaning the greasy stove at the end.

Use a little ketchup to shine copper utensils in the kitchen.

.It’s very important to sanitize the sink after cleaning.
 Using a disinfectant along with vinegar helps in killing the bacteria effectively. Also, make sure that the sink is dry as water can lead to molding and germ buildup.

The dishwasher should be maintained regularly to clean any sticking food. 
People can mix bleach and other agents with dishwashing liquid to remove all germs and bacteria, especially when diseases like flu and cold are on the rise.<br>Since oven is one of the most used utensils and a hard one to clean. Having a non-stick coating at the bottom can help in cleaning it much easily.

Bathroom cleaning tips:

Rub a teaspoonful of lemon oil every fifteen days on their bathroom doors. 
This makes the water to form beads and roll off the door.

Sweep stray hairs with damp toilet paper and pour boiling water in the drains once a week to avoid clogs.

Keep only essential items in the bathroom.
 People should use small containers and only keep the things they use inside the bathroom. This helps in a quick bath and prevents excessive loss or spillage if a bottle leaks or falls.

Hang towels where they can dry easily. 
A towel bar can effectively help in keeping towels fluffy and dry as it has more area.

Avoid soap bars to get rid of grimy soap stands.
 Soaps can also leave pieces and goop everywhere in the bathrooms making them look dirty.

Clean showers by letting a mixture of chlorine bleach and water sit on grimy areas for a while.
 Then scrub them using a stiff brush and rinse off with water.

Bedroom cleaning tips:

Start by making the bed. A neat bed makes the entire bedroom look clean and therefore it is important to clear out the bed first.

Manage drawers and wardrobe neatly. 
Cluttered drawers and wardrobe with rarely worn clothes leave a large amount of clothing in the room and hooks giving it a messy look. People should not keep items they haven’t worn in a year inside commonly used drawers as they can create confusion.

Keep essential items by the bedside. 
People should only keep items relating to activities they do just before sleeping and while waking up. For example, spectacles, alarm clock, book etc.

Use vodka to shine porcelain items in an instant while home cleaning.

Clean mirrors in the house efficiently using coffee filters.
 These coffee filters are free of lint and help in shining the mirrors without leaving any streaks.

Hide scratches and minor damages on furniture by rubbing a walnut without shell over the damaged area.

Remove carpet stains by blotting the stain with a clean cloth and dish detergent mixed in hot water. 
Once the stain has been absorbed by the cloth, sponge the area with cold water and dry it using a clean cloth.

Laundry cleaning tips:

Many things such as denims don’t need to be washed after a single use. People should reuse them instead to save time and effort.

Use dish detergent to remove stains immediately. 
Stains can be hard to clean once they set in, since dish detergent is milder, it can be used to clean most fabrics.

For cleaning sweat stains, rub a strong liquid detergent on the stained areas and leave the cloth for 15 minutes. 
Then wash using hot water to effectively remove sweat stains from clothes.

Have a basket for cleaning prioritized items. 
This way dresses and clothes which need to be worn for a certain occasion will always be cleaned and ironed on time.

Damp the clothes before ironing.
 This helps in removing wrinkles effectively from clothes. Many irons already come with spray feature to eliminate the damping process.

Use white vinegar or clean tennis balls to soften fabrics and remove the static electricity while washing. 
Use cold water for washing most of the clothes as it helps in saving energy. But, use hot water to clean sheets, undergarments and towels.

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