How To Clean Marble Floor With Baking Soda?

How to clean the marble floor with baking soda? Living in a clean place is the desire of every person around the globe. With the right ingredients, you can easily clean off your marble without a struggle. Most people face huge problems knowing how they can easily clean their marble floor.

Due to this challenge, the homeowners result in spending a lot of money to do the cleaning. There is always a need to learn how to use baking soda to clean and avoid wasting resources. You need to do the marble floor cleaning at the comfort of your home and save on cost.

You need to have baking soda, water, and a soft cloth to clean and efficiently. These are the items that will ensure that your marble floor will be clean in no time. Ensure that the cloth is clean before you can start cleaning the floor.

It would help if you did not expose your marble floor to a vast alkaline as it may be damaged easily. You need to ensure that you are keen when using the cloth to give your marble floor a bright look. The following are steps on cleaning your marble floor using a baking soda.

Wipe the spills in the area

Wipe marble
Wipe marble

Before you can start cleaning the area, you need to ensure that there is no spill. You do this to ensure that no spill will easily penetrate the stone. Wiping the spills also prevents the baking powder from failing to remove all the stains in the area. It would help if you had to do the cleaning for baking soda after a while hence the need for this step.

Spray some water on the area

Spraying water on marble floor
Spraying water on marble floor

Before you can proceed to sprinkle the baking soda, you need to spray some little amount of water. It is because baking soda is in a powder form hence cannot react without moisture. Ensure that you do not pour too much water as it may dissolve the baking powder and fail to perform as you expect. You need to leave the water for some time in the area before you can proceed.

Sprinkle baking powder

After spraying the water, now you need to sprinkle the baking powder on the marble floor. Pour a little amount of baking powder and let it stay for about 30 minutes is to allow the water and the baking powder to mix.

You will know the texture is okay once you see a cream-like surface has appeared. To enable the baking powder into the marble floor, use a soft cloth to rub gently. After that, you can wait for about 8 hours before you proceed.

Sprinkle baking powder on marble flooring
Sprinkle baking powder on marble flooring

Clean with water and soap

Using the same piece of cloth, you need now to rinse it in water, and you do the cleaning. You do this to remove any stain and the baking soda from the marble floor. Ensure that you do not scrub the surface as to prevent damaging the floor.

Dry using a soft towel

To finalize the process, use a dry soft towel so that you dry the surface. Drying is necessary to ensure that you do not leave the two detergent on the surface. You may quickly destroy your flow if you do not take care. After cleaning, you are now good to go.

Mopping marble floor
Mopping marble floor

What is the benefit of using baking soda to clean the marble floor?

The vast benefit of using baking soda Is that it is cheap. The method will only cost you some water, which is readily available and baking soda, which is also affordable and accessible. Also, baking soda removes most of the stains on your marble floor, thereby giving your floor an attractive look.

It is also recommendable than using other chemicals that might easily damage your floor. The baking soda also acts as a sanitizer, which will see all germs and fungi die off. Use a baking soda and will never regret it.

Final thought

There is always a need to have your marble floor clean. Follow the above steps, and all the processes will quickly remove the stains. Ensure that you repeat the process after a while to make the surface even more appealing.

Always ensure you seal the marble floor in the right way so that you do not quickly destroy it. Your marble floor deserves the best, and so you should always take precautions before applying the baking soda.

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