How Often Do We Need To Disinfect Home Cinema?

How Often Do We Need To Disinfect Home Cinema? Most homeowners consider disinfecting home cinema during spring cleaning. However, due to the current pandemic and for overall effective home hygiene, the monthly disinfection of your home cinema becomes a must.

A professional sanitization and disinfection company will be able to successfully take on the job and complete it in a day. But if you are planning to do it yourself, then you will need more than a day.

Thus, it will be best to follow a regular cleaning schedule than trying to take on the whole room at once. Having a regular cleaning schedule is also favorable as it allows for a more thorough clean-up of the room.

So, how often should you clean your TV set or your favorite couch? To find out, do read on:

Weekly Disinfection

TV, projectors, record player, and many other such equipment and gadgets are used to build a home cinema. There are many appliances that should be disinfected weekly. Some of these appliances are:

  • TV: Use a soft dry cloth and screen cleaning solution to clean your TV. Do not press hard and do not spray on the solution directly on the screen.
  • Media Player: To disinfect the home cinema, any media player you have needs to be cleaned as well. Use a Q-Tip for the hard-to-reach places and disinfect it properly.
  • Gaming Console: Most people forget to clean the controllers. So, when cleaning your gaming console, make sure that you have disinfected the controllers as well.
  • VR Set: Just a dry soft cloth and some screen cleaning solution will do the trick.
  • Projector: Projectors should be cleaned weekly. Use a circular motion to clean the lenses. Try to keep it in a cupboard to ensure the projector does not gather dust when not in use.

Monthly Disinfection

How Often Do We Need To Disinfect Home Cinema?

Headphones, speakers and seating are also major part of any home cinema. These should be disinfected monthly. Here are some disinfection tips:

  • Headphones: Use hand sanitizer to disinfect the earpads of your headphones.
  • Seating: To disinfect the home cinema, the seating area needs to be disinfected properly. The material of the seating will determine the time for disinfection. However, it is safe to say, the seating needs to be cleaned monthly.
  • Speaker: Do not use any harsh chemicals to disinfect your speakers. In fact, do not even use any liquid (cleaning solution) when cleaning the speakers. Only use appropriate duster and dry cloth only.
  • Projector Screen: To disinfect the projector screen properly use a mixture of dishwashing detergent and distilled water. It will be best to not use any sharp object when disinfecting the screen

Materials of Seating, Furniture and Fittings

Each material is different, so disinfection method of each material will be different as well. Next, few of the common yet popular materials will be mentioned along with tips to disinfect them properly:


Do not use any harsh chemicals to disinfect home cinema items made with leather. A chamois cloth can buff out any minor scratches on leather seats. It is best to vacuum over leather items. It should be disinfected weekly.


How Often Do We Need To Disinfect Home Cinema?

Invest in a good duster if most of your seating and other furniture are made with fabric. Fabric items need to be disinfected weekly. To remove any spots, you should only use stiff-bristled cleaning brush.


How Often Do We Need To Disinfect Home Cinema?

Any items in your home cinema made with Vinyl need to be disinfected weekly. You can disinfect vinyl with a mixture of water and mild dish soap. It is best to use soft-bristle brush to take out any stains.


Wood items gathers the most dust, thus it will be best to disinfect any wooden items weekly. You have to dust wood items regularly with the help of a soft dry cloth. In case of stain, use cleaning solution and water mixture to disinfect the area.


How Often Do We Need To Disinfect Home Cinema?

You can use rubbing alcohol to disinfect home cinema items made with microfiber. You can fluff it up again with the help of a soft scrubbing brush. You should use cleaning solutions that work for microfiber.


There are many plastic items found in a home cinema. You should disinfect any plastic items monthly. You can use a mixture of mild dish soap and warm (not hot) water for the disinfection purpose.

How Often Do We Need To Disinfect Home Cinema?
DIY or Professional Help

If you want to disinfect the home cinema by yourself, then you need to have all the right cleaning and disinfection tools. Every item in a home cinema needs to be clean either weekly or monthly.

Thus, it will be best to take help from a professional for thorough monthly disinfection of your home cinema.

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