How Often Should I Hire Part-Time Cleaner For My Home?

How Often Should I Hire Part-Time Cleaner For My Home? If you wonder how often to hire a part-time cleaner, the answer is “it depends”. People have different lifestyles and resources, hence their need for house cleaning services differs. Read on to know which option is best for you.

How Often Should I Hire Part-Time Cleaner For My Home? –
Part-time maid hiring options

1. Weekly cleaning

Inviting the maid once a week is a great choice for you if you lead a busy lifestyle. If you love to organise at-home parties, you may need a part time maid to clean after. As well if you are expecting some guests to come, the maid will bring the house in a presentable condition.

Weekly cleaning is also a preferable option if you have a big family with children. The more people live in the house, the more dust and dirt accumulate at the end of the week.

Pets are also causing a good amount of mess that requires regular cleaning. High traffic always results in much dust. That’s why, let the housecleaner tidy up your house, unless you got time and desire to do it yourself.

Some people are in love with cleanliness, but they are too busy to deal with the house upkeeping themselves. If you belong to this category, you may resort to the weekly services of a maid. By the way, a weekly cleaning package will have you pay less than hiring the service at larger intervals.

2. Bi-weekly cleaning

Bi-weekly cleanings are also popular among homeowners. You can choose it if your house doesn’t accumulate much dirt. You may either live alone or have a minimalist apartment that doesn’t require much care.

The more furniture, carpets, and appliances the house have, the more often a cleaning it requires. Living alone in a minimalistically furnished house will allow you to hire a maid once in 3 months or 6 months.

However, if you live together with someone else, including children and pets, the bi-weekly option is perfect for you.

3, Monthly cleaning

How Often Should I Hire Part Time Cleaner For My Home?

Monthly cleaning is also a great option for singles and those living in minimalist apartments. If you feel that you can keep up with the basic cleaning yourself, you can invite the maid only once a month. Generally, monthly cleaning is the choice of people who actively participate in their house cleaning.

They can hire a maid once a month to complement their regular weekly cleanings.

4. At long intervals

Short budget and full personal implication in house cleaning may convince you to hire the cleaning team at longer intervals. You can invite the maid once in 6 months or once a year for a deep cleaning. These sessions are more complex, last longer and aim each inch of the house. Hence, be ready to pay more than for regular cleanings.

Factors influencing the frequency of house cleaning

1. Presence of children and pets

How Often Should I Hire Part Time Cleaner For My Home?

Children and pets are responsible for most of the traffic in the house. So if you are lucky to have such family members, you should think more often about cleaning.

2. Regular meetings and parties

If your house is the place of regular meetings with lots of guests and food, the necessity for house cleaning grows. After the party, there is much trash and food left around the house that requires immediate cleaning. If you leave them with no attention, they will start to smell bad after a while.

3. High outside traffic

How Often Should I Hire Part Time Cleaner For My Home?

Outside traffic is also a factor determining how often you should clean the house. If you live in a region with heavy road traffic, the pollution affecting your house may be significant. The contaminating particles entering your apartment through windows or aircon can dirty up your house.

You are good to clean it regularly to avoid serious health issues.

How Often Should I Hire Part Time Cleaner For My Home? – Bottom line

How Often Should I Hire Part Time Cleaner For My Home?

The frequency of hiring a part-time cleaner depends much on your lifestyle. The more traffic and action there is in the house, the more often the maid should visit you. The size of the property and the amount of furniture in it also determine how often you should hire a housecleaner.

If you have a busy schedule, you may need a maid’s help to help keep the house in tidy condition. However, in case you got time for basic cleaning chores, the maid can come at longer intervals.

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