Important Tips On Persian Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining Persian carpet is not at all difficult if you follow some simple basic tips. Properly caring for one of these delicate and distinctive carpets will make it last for several years to come. Additionally, you also get to enhance the beauty of your home. If you are looking for do-it-yourself guide for your Persian carpet cleaning Singapore, you have come to a right place. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most effective and simple tips to keep your Persian carpets for long. Carpet cleaning is indeed very important to maintain the quality and sheen, and here the tips to do so:

Vacuum Regularly
Even if you do not have much time to vacuum your carpets daily, it is advised to do it at least 3-4 times a week. You may choose to pick any hour of the day, but make sure you stick by the days fixed for cleaning. It is recommended to vacuum your carpet with suction attachment so it is able to remove surface dirt.

Clean Spills And Stains Immediately
Do not avoid or delay cleaning the food or liquids spill. Wash them off as soon as possible. You can use a bath towel dipped in club soda to clean such stains. Tough stains like mustard should be allowed to dry off completely before being scrapped off. Avoid using any kind of harsh cleaning agent as they can damage the fibers of the carpet and also affect its appearance. Make sure the undersurface and top are completely dry before you relay the carpet. Failure to do this can cause mildew, dry rot and mold.

Clean Animal Urine Immediately
This is applicable to all those who own a pet or pets. If your pet is not well trained, chances are that he will be urinating on the carpet too often. Thus, it is advised to keep yourself prepared to handle such situations immediately. Animal urine not just create bad odor, but also cause dry rot and permanent staining. Whenever accidents occur, flush the area with club soda and clean water thoroughly. If such things happen too often, it is advised to consult a professional cleaner.

Do Not Dry Clean
Persian carpets should never be dry cleaned using harsh chemicals, powders or polishes. It is also advised to avoid steam cleaning then as they are likely to result in dyes to bleed. Instead, Persian carpet cleaning Singapore advises to remove the dusted particles thoroughly from the carpets and then washed with formulated detergents. They should be washed from both the sides with a mild shampoo.

Rotate Your Carpets
Ask any professional and everyone will advise you to rotate your carpets 180 degrees periodically. This is to minimize the wear and tear from traffic patterns. It also helps even out the sun fading and maintain even luster. You can also use window coating to block UV rays to minimize the problem.

When should you have your carpet professionally cleaned?
This is a very interesting questions and a lot of people would be actually thinking about it while reading the post. Well, there is no fixed time schedule to get your carpets professionally cleaned. A lot depends upon the traffic pattern and location of the carpet in your house. Carpets used in the living area, require early professional attention, than the one used in bedrooms. So, it’s up to you to decide when you should get them professionally cleaned. In standard form, it is recommended to get professional cleaning done once in a year.

Having Persian carpet cleaning Singapore done in every few years help increase the value and life, while keeping it looking good. If you are not sure of the methods that should be used to clean carpets at home, it is advised to contact a professional cleaning service for better guidance and long-term results. Make sure the company you choose has well trained and efficient staff. They should be well versed with all know how of carpet cleaning and must possess the ability to give you best possible guidance as per your individual needs and requirements. Choose a company that has the relevant experience and expertise in this field. A reputed company will always use state-of-art technology to give you the best possible results

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