Is It Ideal To Clean Carpets Every Month?

Is It Ideal To Clean Carpets Every Month? There has always been a debate on how often you should clean your carpeting. The golden rule is too deep clean your rug once in 3-4 weeks. However, each carpet has its own cleaning routine depending on some aspects.

Keep reading to know the main factors to take into consideration when creating your carpet cleaning schedule.


Is It Ideal To Clean Carpets Every Month?

High foot-traffic causes the necessity of cleaning the carpet often. The feet easily transport dirt from kitchen to living room and from bathroom to bedroom. Along with dirt comes bacteria, some of which can be harmful to health and the environment.

Even if you don’t see the dust and germs, you have to clean the carpet once in 2-3 weeks. By adopting this cleaning routine, you also prevent fiber damage and loss of fluffiness. The fiber bends under the human body weight, making the carpet flat and solid. It ceases to be a comfort and decor addition.

To keep this issue from happening, take good care of your carpet by cleaning it more often.

Pets and children

Is It Ideal To Clean Carpets Every Month?

While the rule of thumb is to clean the carpet once a month, it doesn’t apply to houses with kids and pets. These small family members can bring considerable damage to the carpeting. They are either spilling liquids, dropping food, or relieving themselves directly on the rug.

Since it happens quite often, leaving the carpet stains untreated can kill it in some months. Waiting 1 month till the next cleaning is utterly unreasonable. The spills will absorb into the carpet, the food will rot and cause bacteria growth, the urine will generate odors.

You can’t tolerate it so much. Not to mention the carpet’s sufferings. That’s why it should come as no surprise that carpets with kid and pet traffic require cleaning very often. You are good to do it once a week or twice a month. Keep in mind that we speak about a deeper cleaning.

You should address each stain immediately after it occurs. The deep cleaning at stated intervals will have the role of removing embedded grime, odors and disinfect the carpet. Make sure to keep children and pets away when treating the carpet with disinfectant.

And apply it in lower quantities for safety reasons. You are also good to use milder detergents to fill the house with harsh toxins.

Cleaning method

There are some carpet cleaning methods most homeowners use. Dry vacuuming generally comes with little to no harm to the carpet. You can use it quite often in combination with stain-removing products and deodorizers. It can be twice a month if your carpet is not subject to much mess.

If the carpet accumulates dirt faster, you can vacuum it once a week. If we speak, though, of steam cleaning, it should take place at longer intervals. Steam is incredibly effective in lifting tough grime and killing bacteria.

However, the high-pressure jet the device releases can damage the fiber if used often. It tends to thin the fiber, making it more vulnerable to breakage and less attractive. The carpet may start looking less rich and colorful. So if you don’t want to lose your carpet prematurely, give it fewer blasts of steam.

Ideally, it’s once a month, no more no less. If you steam clean at longer intervals, you may give the change to bacteria to multiply and become more dangerous. You also allow soils to get drier and settle at the bottom of the carpet.


The set of detergents you use also determines how often you should clean the carpet. If you like working with mild detergents, you can clean the carpet at short intervals. However, if you prefer harsh chemicals, never overestimate the carpet’s resistance to them.

You are better off using them as often as once or twice a month. This will prevent any fiber damage that may occur if you use sharp chemicals often. After all, extra-strong cleaning agents remove more dirt and bacteria than mild products. New grime and germs will need time to accumulate after one cleaning session.

Is It Ideal To Clean Carpets Every Month? – Conclusion

Is It Ideal To Clean Carpets Every Month?

It is ideal to clean the carpet once a month in some situations. This is the perfect interval for those that use steam cleaning and for houses will low traffic and no pets around. If you are a fan of harsh chemicals, you are also good to cling to this routine.

However, if you have kids and pets and the foot traffic is high, carpet cleaning should happen more often.

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