The Best Window Cleaning Tips

Window cleaning actually is not something which you may want to do when you are alone or on the everyday basis. It will be quite the task as it needs some amount of the strength in the arms, and also some guts if the house has two stories high. Likewise, if you are not the person who can essentially climb up and down the ladder for some few times, you then seriously required to reconsider window cleaning all by your own. Here are some window cleaning tips which you need to embrace.

Window cleaning need good and the sturdy ladder together with the cleaning supplies like the buckets and the sponges. It is actually the best when you use the two holed bucket, one for the soapy water while the other one for the clean water. If you’re very particular, you can change water for each window or whenever you once see it becoming dirty. Many people prefer using the cloth other than sponges but you need to try both of them and see which offers the better output.

When there is much dust being involved and possibly some cobwebs, you may choose to vacuum the window first other than using a sponge immediately. Then you can use wet sponge in the circular motion so as to clean the windows. When you are sure you have removed all stains and the smears, use the dry cloth most preferably the lint cloth for wiping the window. You can wipe them in one direction so as to ensure there are not any streaks being left. For the very high windows, you can use the extension pole which is having the strip washer. Nevertheless, you can find that it’s difficult to get the good results from the high windows. To this case, for example with many high windows and also many glass panes, the window cleaning company is the best option.

Actually there are the numbers of the products in the market which can clean the windows very well. Also there are people who even prefer using the product on the windows which they have put together for themselves. The vinegar is the popular option for cleaning window to many people. The combination of ammonia and white vinegar mixed up with water can clean the windows very well and it can save some money. If you’re having a lot of the windows in the home, this can be the great way for saving some money.

Some people use the newspapers for window cleaning as the way of windows sparkling clean. Actually the problem which comes about when using the newspapers to clean the windows is an ink stains which you can unavoidably end up in your own hands. The coffee filters also are another option which will clean the windows excellently but keep the hands free form the ink. You also can pick up the blank newspaper papers and clean the windows with the newspaper which doesn’t leave the ink on the hands. The trick here is to get the paper which doesn’t leave the lint to the windows that can be difficult to actually remove.

 Preferably, cleaning the windows either three or four times every year is enough. If you’re living in the city or in an area with the large amount of pollution and dust in the air then you will need to clean the windows more frequently. Window cleaning, especially of the houses in the busy streets, is nearly the weekly duty for many residents. Obviously, you can leave a proper scrubbing and rubbing for some occasions.

It’s also the best idea to clean the windows on the cloudy day if possible, when you clean during the sunlight, you can have the streaks that remain after you are finished. Also, do not starts cleaning the windows till you have removed excess dirt, else, it can become muddy once water comes into the contact to it, and this can make a window very harder and even time consuming when cleaning it.

If you are running the window cleaning business, you can definitely need to use the squeegee over the cloth. The squeegee is a perfect tool for use when you’re looking for the streak free window. Use the great deal of the water and the solution when you’re starting to clean the window. This solution is being used to loosen dirt which is to the windows. When you have dirt cleaned from a window, use a squeegee to get rid of the water. You can work on a window from every side and work uniformly. This is actually the best way for avoiding the streaking. If windows are very dirty, you can repeat that process of cleaning the streaks and the dirt which have been left behind during the first pass on the window.

Another very important window cleaning tips is the use of the different stroke when you are cleaning opposite sides of the glass. If you are using the vertical strokes to one side, and the horizontal strokes to the other side, you can be in a position to avoid the irritating streaks that frequently appear when you are trying to clean the windows.

After you finally finished window cleaning, spray to it with the cleaning solution that is designed for the windows. Never at any time use the solution which is not intended for the windows, as this may cause the problems. 

When you follow these window cleaning tips, you will not be lost when you start try cleaning the windows, but finally you can get excellent result with all windows cleaning. When there are many windows you can ask your friends or family to assist you. You will save some money when you do it yourself and by this will have the opportunity for spending some time with your family and friends.

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