Where Can I Find HDB Spring Cleaning Service?

If you are planning to do some seasonal home maintenance works then you may need the services of good HDB spring cleaning
services in Singapore. The professionals of these services can make it easy for you to take advantage of sunny weather in this regard. But the presence of a number of cleaning services in Singapore makes it difficult to find a potential one. You should follow the tips
provided in this article to search a good HDB cleaning service for the seasonal makeover of your home.

Tips to find suitable HDB spring cleaning service

Most of the HDB cleaning services in Singapore also include in their service package for the services for household cleaning. Choosing from housekeeping companies, residential house cleaners, professional house cleaners and maid services will be preferable for you if you want to clean up your home in one shot, quarterly or more frequently.Though various types of services are offered by these residential spring cleaning services but mostly they charge at the rate of $30 per hour for their services. Their charges may increase if you have multiple bathrooms, very large kitchen, multi-story home or pets in your home. Normally they provide services of dusting, general cleaning, sanitizing and vacuuming but if you want services like cleaning the interior of your oven etc. that come under heavy duty services then you will have to pay additionally.

Different HDB cleaning services are not equal so you should be careful while dealing with them. You should ask for quotation of exact price for the services you want from them. It will help you in comparing the features of various spring cleaning companies and use as a proof in future. Moreover you should make notes about your home before the visit of the professionals of the cleaning company. You should display each and every thing you want to be serviced by them so that they can quote their price suitably. You should avoid cleaning your home if you are going to engage a cleaning company for this purpose.

You should review the track record of the spring cleaning company to know about its proficiency and experience. It should have experience of more than three years as a HDB cleaning service. You should also enquire about the reputation of the cleaning service through its previous customers and references provided on the company’s website. The companies that have bonded and insured employees should be preferred by you as it saves you financially in case of any kind of injury or loss.

Thus, the HDB cleaning service you have chosen in Singapore on the basis of the tips given in this article will complete all of your desired works within one to two hours. If you want extra services like cleaning of the interior of your refrigerator or electric oven or the exterior of your windows then they will do it in additional time from their schedule and charge it separately. If you have long list of special spring cleaning then they will schedule another visit to your home. 

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