Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

If you want to have a beautiful home, apartment, or office building, you need to know how you can keep your carpet clean. For this, cleaning your carpet frequently is important in order to maintain its durability, quality, and appearance, which can be challenging for you.

That is when you can contact the best carpet cleaning service, in order to remove any unwanted impurities from your carpet easily. At Absolute Cleaning, one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Singapore, we are ready to provide a lot of benefits for all our valued customers.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

At Absolute Cleaning, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of specialised carpet cleaning solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertise extends to a wide variety of rugs, including:

  • Oriental Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Synthetic Rugs
  • Wool Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Afghan Rugs
  • Antique Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Cotton Rugs
  • Polyester Rugs
  • Olefin Rugs
  • Nylon Rugs
  • Handmade Rugs

Whether you have treasured heirloom rugs or modern synthetic ones, our professional team is equipped to provide top-tier cleaning services, ensuring your carpets and rugs are immaculately clean and well-maintained. Trust us to bring out the best in your carpets, no matter the type or material.

Carpet Cleaning Process

The first step of the carpet cleaning process involves brushing a biodegradable compound, derived from wood and maize, meticulously into the carpets. This compound works like a magnet, absorbing dirt and stains, and preparing the carpet for the cleaning treatment.

Next, a specially designed carpet machine equipped with motorised and counter-rotating brushes is employed. These brushes open up the carpet fibres, setting the stage for a deep and thorough cleaning process.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the soiled compound is carefully removed using an effective cleaning treatment. To ensure the utmost cleanliness, a sanitisation process follows. Patented anti-dust mite and germicidal products are used to eliminate harmful microorganisms that can thrive in carpets.

Finally, the freshly cleaned carpets are hung and left to dry completely. Once they are dry, they are packed with care and delivered to your home. This ensures that you not only enjoy impeccably clean carpets but also a healthier and more hygienic living environment.

Benefits of Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Our company has professional workers and part-time cleaners. We train them regularly, in order to provide the best skills and knowledge to them. As a result, they are able to clean any type of carpet in your home, office, or apartment quickly. This is the main reason you should choose our carpet cleaning company today.

Our skilled team ensures the safe cleaning of your carpets without risking damage to your valuable items. Our friendly staff welcomes discussions about your specific needs, allowing you to benefit from the expertise of these professionals and find the best-suited service for you.

Absolute Carpet cleaning services

You don’t need to worry about spending too much money on hiring our carpet cleaning service, as we always want to provide high-quality service at a low price. Our carpet cleaning service is good even for customers with a low budget. You can also get some additional discounts on certain events.

Contact our company today to inquire about a free quotation. Our quote will provide you with all the essential details regarding our carpet cleaning costs. Quality service meets affordability, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

When selecting your preferred carpet cleaning company in Singapore, consider our commitment to providing high-quality service. Our company has a proper licence to operate in this country. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting any problems that may occur in the future.

You can rely on our high-quality service because we follow all the rules and regulations of the Singapore government. This is another reason why our rug cleaning service is popular. Moreover, many Singaporeans are happy with our outstanding service. So, you will never regret your decision to use our high-quality carpet cleaning service now.

This is another reason why our company is a good option for all Singaporeans these days. Our company offers comprehensive cleaning services for all customers, including carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. This allows you to clean your property, such as your home, office building, HDB unit, apartment, and other properties easily.

The combination of our cleaning services enhances the overall comfort within your property. Additionally, you can significantly boost your property’s value by availing our cleaning services. Choose from our finest offerings to swiftly enhance and rejuvenate your property’s cleanliness and appeal.

Carpet steam cleaning

We stand behind our service with a solid warranty for all customers. When seeking the best carpet cleaning service in Singapore, you can contact our reliable company today. We take pride in offering our guaranteed service, ensuring you receive the very best in cleaning solutions.

If you feel unhappy and unsatisfied with our service, don’t hesitate to voice your concerns to our company. Our customer representatives are ready to help you reschedule your appointment, ensuring your home is cleaned to your satisfaction. Many people feel happy with our reliable carpet cleaning service, and that’s why we are sure that you will never regret your decision to choose our company.

If you are busy with your daily activities, our top-notch carpet cleaning service is designed to accommodate your schedule. We are happy to announce our flexible scheduling options, tailored to provide the best service for all customers. You have the freedom to choose the right schedule for cleaning your carpet today.

Booking your appointment is a breeze; simply reach out to our carpet cleaning company, and rest assured, we’re available at your convenience. With our commitment to serving customers, our company is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your carpet’s cleanliness is just a call away, whenever you need it.

When it comes to selecting a good carpet cleaning service,  Absolute Cleaning is your go-to choice. We have a proven track record of employing high-quality carpet cleaning techniques, so you can rely on our high-quality carpet cleaning methods.

Our commitment is to utilise safe and effective methods to rid your carpet of impurities. One of our most popular carpet cleaning methods is steam cleaning, known for its exceptional results without compromising your carpet’s longevity.

Rest assured, our techniques are designed to preserve your carpet’s quality, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for an extended period without any major issues. To ensure your carpet receives the care it deserves, contact our reliable carpet cleaning service today. Your carpet’s well-being is our priority.

This is another benefit that we extend to our customers. You can rely on our high-quality carpet and rug cleaning service in Singapore. Our proven techniques are dedicated to delivering thorough carpet cleaning, ensuring  effective results that leave you fully satisfied with your choice of our company.

We are thrilled to introduce our swift carpet cleaning service, eliminating long wait times for a pristine carpet. Our tried-and-true methods are capable of swiftly cleaning various types of carpets on your property, earning accolades from numerous clients who appreciate our professional and efficient approach.

But that’s not all—we offer a multitude of other benefits to our clients. When caring for your carpet is a priority, don’t hesitate to contact our carpet cleaning company today. We provide free quotations to help you manage your budget effectively.

Additionally, our responsive customer service team is at your disposal to help you discover the ideal carpet cleaning service that suits your needs. With flexible options tailored to all customers, choosing the best cleaning solution for your needs has never been easier.

Embark on a journey to rejuvenate your carpets today by hiring our carpet cleaning service at Absolute Cleaning. Give us a call now at Phone: 9186 9762

Carpet Cleaning Price List

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
<599 Sq Feet S$0.50 to S$0.60 per sq ft S$250 min charge 1-1 1⁄2 hours
600-1200 Sq Feet S$0.325 to S$0.35 per sq ft 2-2 1⁄2 hours
1201-2500 Sq Feet S$0.275 to S$0.30 per sq ft 3-4 hours
2501-5000 Sq Feet S$0.225 to S$0.25 per sq ft 4-6 hours
5001-7999 Sq Feet S$0.175 to S$0.20 per sq ft > 8 hours
>8000 Sq Feet Onsite Quote > 10 hours
Residential Carpet Cleaning
Rugs Cleaning (On the spot) S$120 and above 30-60 min per pcs
Rug Cleaning (Pick up, Delivery) S$120 and above (S$20 transportation charge)

Transform Your Carpets Today With Absolute Cleaning

Revive the beauty of your carpets with our expert carpet cleaning services. From commercial spaces to residential homes, we provide top-notch cleaning that leaves your carpets fresh and spotless. Contact us now to schedule your carpet transformation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

The time it takes for your carpet to be cleaned and delivered largely depends on the size and condition of the carpet, but typically the cleaning takes around 2-5 days. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and restored to the best condition possible. Moreover, we always strive to provide timely service be it carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, spring cleaning or our other services.

The safest carpet cleaning method will depend on the type of carpet, its condition, and the nature of the stains. It’s important to engage a professional cleaning service, such as Absolute Cleaning, that has a deep understanding of different carpet materials and their appropriate cleaning treatments. We’ll be able to suggest and perform the safest and most effective cleaning method for your particular carpet.

Both dry and wet carpet cleaning methods have their advantages and are better suited for different situations. Wet cleaning, or steam cleaning, provides deep, thorough cleaning, making it great for carpets with deep-seated dirt or stubborn stains. However, it requires a longer drying time. On the other hand, dry cleaning is less intensive but dries faster, making it a good option for regular maintenance or when quick drying is needed.

Professional carpet cleaners use a variety of tools and products to clean carpets, depending on the cleaning method chosen and the type of carpet. For steam cleaning, they use specialised machines that spray a heated detergent solution into the carpet and simultaneously vacuum it up, along with the dirt and debris. For dry cleaning, they use specific cleaning compounds and specialised machines. Professionals also use a range of spot treatments and stain removers to tackle stubborn stains.

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