7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can’t Do

7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can’t Do – Running a house is one of the duties that are hard for women, more so if one is working. A maid does most of the daily chores in the house. There are part-time and full time where the part-time work for some ours and goes away.

Full-time maid usually stays in the home all the time. They do as their boss says and earn their salary on a monthly. Recently there are claims of the full maid snatching husbands from the housewife.

The wife necessitates this as she dedicates all of the house chores to the full-time maid. As a mother, you need to keep your home under control and learn the 7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can’t Do.

Attending to bedroom

7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can't Do

The bedroom is one of the places that are to be private. If you need to keep your home, always ensure that you leave the full maid to do other chores. Do the bedding, and if it is to clean, do it yourself.

A maid should not enter into your bedroom since it may lead to some irrespective manner.

Wash your undergarments

7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can't Do

Though a full-time maid is available anytime that you need her, you cant give her either our pants or your husbands. That is a sign of disrespect; it indicates that you are not a responsible mother.

A maid should only wash your clothes and those of your children. Don’t pile all your clothes, including the bras and pants for her to wash. The undergarments are to be cleaned and kept safely in your room where the maid can’t enter

Serving and preparing your husband for work

7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can't Do

A full time maid may easily turn out to be the housewife if, as a woman, you don’t know your work. Most men love to be well and always award for excellent work. If the maid does all the work for the husband, cleans the children and maintains the house.

A question arises, what is the need of the woman. Some chores, such as serving the husband, should be the role of a woman and can never be diverted to any other person.

Sleeping with a baby

7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can't Do

Your baby is yours, and it does not belong to the maid. You should ensure that you are with the baby most of the time. Most full-time maid gets tired quickly during the day, thus fall asleep easily.

If in one way or another, you let them sleep with your baby, it may suffocate. Also, you want the baby close to you as a mother for comfort. Even if you are that tired, have time for your baby by spending the night with it.

Let the maid take care of it during the day, but at night do it yourself

Operate heavy machines

Remember, your maid is also a human being; there are things that are hand to her. Your full time maid should not do chores that she can’t do, that is abusing her right. A maid only to do basic duties in the house that may not see her lose her life.

Maids also deserve to be like one of your children. If you can’t let them operate a particular machine, don’t let your maid do it

Give orders in the house.

7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can't Do

This is great, can someone come into your house and tell you what to do? That is generally a question of concern. It is the mandate of the maid to be submissive. Though she lives in the house, it is not an indication that she can tell the house owners what to do.

A maid should report on any case or request for any service in the house.

Representing parents on parents day in school

For a maid, she is not a parent, and they should not attend the parents meeting for the child. Though you are much busy, you should know that even the children are part of you.

Go to every parent meeting to represent your child since your maid is there to help you in home chores.

7 Things Your Full-Time Maid Can’t Do – Final thought

In most homes, full-time maid has vast chores daily given by their bosses. As a homeowner, it is always essential to know what a maid can’t do.

Let the maid do only the tasks that they should be doing in the house. Also, respect them as you would wish your children for your children.

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