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Are you planning to move out of your current home soon? As exciting as it is to start a new chapter in a new place, moving out can be incredibly stressful. Between packing up your belongings, coordinating with movers, and keeping all your affairs in order, cleaning your old home from top to bottom is the last thing you want to worry about.

Fortunately, that’s where an end of lease cleaning service comes in. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about end of lease cleaning, from what it is to how to choose the right service provider.

End of Lease Cleaning

What Is End Of Lease Cleaning?

End of lease cleaning, also known as end of tenancy cleaning or moving out cleaning, is a thorough cleaning service that tenants typically arrange for when moving out of a rental property.

This service is vital, especially in highly urbanised areas such as Singapore, where post tenancy cleaning services are often necessary.

The purpose of end of lease cleaning is to ensure that the property is left in the same condition as when the tenant first moved in, to maximise the chances of receiving a full refund of their security deposit.

Why Is End Of Lease Cleaning Important?

End of lease cleaning is an essential part of the moving process, as it can help prevent disputes between tenants and landlords over the return of the security deposit.

A security deposit is a sum paid by tenants to their landlords at the start of their lease to cover any damages or unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy. This process is even more critical as the standards for cleanliness and maintenance can be high in this city-state.

If a tenant leaves the property unsatisfactory, the landlord may withhold some or all of the security deposit to cover the cost of cleaning and repairs. By hiring a professional end of lease cleaning service, tenants can ensure their former home is left in tip-top shape, increasing their chances of receiving their full deposit back.

What Does End Of Lease Cleaning Include?

End of lease cleaning typically includes a deep cleaning of all rooms and surfaces in the property, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. Depending on the service provider, end of lease cleaning may include some or all of the following tasks:

  • Dusting and wiping down all surfaces, including walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors
  • Cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and sanitising bathrooms, including showers, toilets, and sinks
  • Cleaning and sanitising kitchens, including ovens, stovetops, and refrigerators
  • Removing all rubbish and recycling from the property
  • Checking and cleaning all light fixtures and switches

It’s worth noting that end of lease cleaning services do not typically include carpets, curtains, or upholstery cleaning. These services may be available for an additional fee, or tenants may need to arrange for them separately.

Moving Out Cleaning
Moving Out Cleaning

How Much Does End Of Lease Cleaning Cost?

The cost of end of lease cleaning can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the size of the property, the level of cleaning required, and the property’s location.

As a rough guide, end of lease cleaning can cost anywhere from $190 to $450 for a one-bedroom apartment and up to $1,000 or more for a large house.

When choosing an end of lease cleaning service, shopping around and comparing quotes from several providers is essential. Be wary of services offering prices that seem too good to be true, as they may not provide the thorough cleaning your property requires. Instead, look for a reputable service provider with positive reviews and a proven record of delivering high-quality end of lease cleaning services.

Benefits of hiring us as an End of Tenancy Cleaning service provider:

Benefit End of Tenancy Cleaning
Cost-effective ✔ Helps you get back your full deposit, which can be worth 1 – 3 months of your current rental
Professional Quality ✔ Professional cleaners have the experience and expertise to clean every corner of your rental property to a high standard
Saves Time and Effort ✔ Saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your move-out process and other essential tasks such as planning to move into your new home
Stress-Free ✔ Takes the stress out of cleaning, which can be a significant source of stress and worry during the move-out process
Potential Consequence ❌ Not hiring an end of tenancy cleaning service can result in a loss of part or all of your deposit due to inadequate cleaning

End of lease cleaning is an essential part of the moving process for tenants. By ensuring that the property is left in a clean and tidy condition, tenants can maximise their chances of receiving their full security deposit back from their landlord. If you need professional help for your end of lease cleaning, contact us today!

What Are The Steps In Doing End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning in Singapore is a meticulous process that requires thorough planning. At @bsolute Cleaning, we provide post tenancy cleaning that includes the following key steps to ensure a comprehensive clean:

  1. Removing all furniture from your property: This is the first step of any end of tenancy cleaning process. By clearing all rooms, our cleaners are able to access hard to reach corners and tight spaces that furniture often occupies. It also allows for deep carpet cleaning if required.
  2. Deep cleaning every room: Our end of lease cleaning starts from the top of the room and works way down. We dust and wipe all surfaces, including the walls, floors, and ceilings.We vacuum and mop all floors, paying special attention to areas that often go overlooked during regular cleaning.
  3. Focusing on the kitchen and bathroom: These rooms require extra attention due to the build-up of grime, dirt, and bacteria. We deep clean all appliances, cupboards, and surfaces. We also ensure the oven, stovetops, refrigerator, sinks, toilets, and showers are sanitised and sparkling clean.
  4. Cleaning windows, doors, and mirrors: These surfaces are frequently used and tend to harbour dirt. Our team wipe and polish them to ensure they are as good as new.
  5. Taking care of the outside: We also provide post tenancy cleaning for the exterior of your property. We clean any outdoor spaces, such as patios or balconies, and ensure all windows are clean from the outside.
  6. Final checks: Once we have finished cleaning, our team walks around the property one last time to check if we haven’t missed anything. We make sure all rubbish and recycling from your property are removed. We even check and clean all light fixtures and switches and make sure they are properly working.

Our standard for an end of lease cleaning service is high, and we ensure every corner is spotless.

How Long Does A Deep Clean Take?

The time it takes to perform a deep clean or an end of tenancy cleaning service can vary greatly depending on the size of the property, its current state, and how much effort is needed to make it spotless again.

Generally speaking, for a standard three-bedroom apartment, a comprehensive end of lease cleaning could take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. This estimate includes deep cleaning all rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom, windows, and any outdoor areas.

Depending on the property and the extent of cleaning required, it may take longer. Our goal at @bsolute Cleaning is to ensure every area is thoroughly cleaned and maintain our high standard for post tenancy cleaning in Singapore.

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