7 Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Cleaning a sofa set, mattress or curtain is basically easy, straight forward and safe if you carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions. However, some homeowners often tend to forget the guidelines & commit huge mistakes that cause irreversible damage to their upholstery. Using wrong stain removal procedures, for instance, can create more damage rather than cleaning the furniture. 

Common upholstery cleaning mistakes

1. Not following the manufacturer’s guidelines 
If you’ve bought your furniture from a reputable store, the sales attendant or shop assistant should advise you on what maintenance guidelines you should follow to keep your items in tip-top condition. These directions are mainly drafted to assist homeowners to know how to maintain their furniture appropriately as well as avoid unnecessary damage. So if you fail to follow them, you may end up making a costly mistake that could damage your upholstery.

2. Using wrong cleaning products 
If want to remove stains on your upholstery (using ready products or homemade cleaning products) and are not sure about what products are right for the procedure, make sure to contact your furniture manufacturer or retailer for product recommendation. Using the wrong cleaning products or tools can be a huge mistake and can cause permanent damage to your furniture. 

Sometimes the shop attendant may even tell you that the upholstery cleaning products on their shelves are for universal use! Do not take their word. The available materials used to make upholstery have increased over the recent years. As a result, the quality of leather, dyes, finishes and fiber used in a particular material will require a certain mix of cleaning solution. 

Before choosing a product to use to clean your dirty upholstery, make sure you read the label carefully or if possible, do a quick online search. The majority of household cleaners & laundry detergents are too harsh for sofa set, mattresses and even carpets. They have strong chemicals (including bleach) which will do more harm than good on your upholstery.

3. Not doing a test patch before using cleaning products
Another common mistake people make when cleaning their upholstery is failing to test cleaning products before using them to clean their items .But it’s very important to make a test patch prior to using any potentially harsh cleaning solution, especially for the initial time. Apply the solution to a section hidden beneath a couch or mattress to see what effect it has on the material. With some little patience, you easily can avoid making an embarrassing mistake. 

4. Using wrong cleaning techniques
Sometimes, a very small coffee or alcohol stain can become ground into fabric and become permanent. This may not necessarily be a result of failure to clean upholstery, but using the wrong cleaning technique. Using the right techniques is important. In fact, some stains can be lightened if they are treated using the appropriate stain removal method. 

5. Not hiring professional upholstery cleaners
Most people think that hiring professional upholstery cleaning is very expensive, but this is not necessarily the case. If your couch is frequently stained (especially if you have pets or kids ) or else you want to prepare your home for an important guest , an upholstery cleaning service provider will thoroughly remove all the little bits of stain remnants, dirt, pet fur & bad odors to leave your furniture spotlessly clean. 

6. Engaging the wrong upholstery cleaning company
While hiring professional upholstery cleaner has a host of benefits, making the wrong choice of company can be a costly mistake. You might end up paying more than you expected, or find yourself paying to have the work redone. When hiring a service provider, it is wise to get a few recommendations from friends, colleagues or your furniture retailer. 

It is also important to find out what cleaning methods and products your cleaning service provider of choice will use as upholstery cleaning companies tend to use different cleaning techniques and technology. Professionalism & reputation of the company are also important factors to consider.

7. Soaking with water 
One of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make in upholstery cleaning is soaking the dirty items with water. Using excess water will prevent your sofa set from drying quickly and properly, and mold will likely set in with time, particularly in furniture. Even if the surface may seem dry, some water can collect beneath the padding and remain there several days after cleaning. 

Infographic - How To Clean Curtain
Infographic – How To Clean Curtain
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