7 Things To Take Note On Carpet Cleaning For Pets

The floors of most houses in Singapore are covered by carpets which make the internal environment healthier, warm and friendly. The carpet will at sometime get dirty hence need to get a trusted cleaning company to do cleaning regularly. In addition, when you have kids and pets in the house, the carpets will get dirty quickly. When looking for carpet cleaning services, it is important to go for companies that offer professional services and have a good reputation. Since you will be required to do this quite often as opposed to those who do not have pets and kids in their homes, it will be cheaper to go for part time professional cleaners as opposed to full time carpet cleaning companies.

Before doing carpet cleaning, pets, it is important to remember the following:-
The urine which is deposited on the carpets by pets does not stay on the surface but penetrates into the fibers and goes to the bottom of the carpet. The deposits end up getting onto the flooring material of your house or home. 

Pets will always deposit their urine at the same location always. The odor or the smell will therefore starting emerging from the same location of your carpet. On the other hand, hairs falling off from the pet may end up forming part of your carpet thus need for a professional and reputable carpet cleaning company do the cleaning for you. 

The following tips therefore will go a long way in ensuring that your carpet is clean as practically as is possible. 

Avoid use of steam cleaners 
As stated above, pets will always deposit their urine in the same location as yesterday. When steam is used in cleaning, the protein in the urine will be transferred into the fibers of the carpet thus making it hard to remove them. That is why it is recommended that carpet be cleaned and dried by hand. Or go for companies which use the latest technology in carpet cleaning. Cleaners can be used but avoid those that have ammonia in them. This is because ammonia will produce an odor which is the same as the pet’s urine. This will make the pet deposit urine all over the carpet thus spoiling it further (The pet will pee throughout the carpet). That is why a professional carpet cleaning company is required as it will use the right methodology and procedure in ensuring that your carpet retains its integrity throughout. 

Cleaning products
Recent technologies have helped in coming up with cleaning products which are tailored in removing pets stains on the carpet and also neutralizing any smells which may originate from the carpet. Most if not all these carpet cleaning products come with a label with all the instructions for use. Follow the instructions closely as this will guarantee you the best results. It is highly recommended that you go in for those products which have been tested and found worth. Some of these products may have oxidation properties. Understand the colors of your carpets before going in for these cleaning products. If this is not done carefully, you may end up ruining the colors of your carpets. 

Rubbing the affected areas
Never rub the stains; as mentioned above, pets will deposit their urine at specific points. Because of this, it is recommended that you do not rub the stains as this will disturb the fibers of your carpet hence spoiling it appearance and attractiveness. Rubbing in some case may spread the stain thus end up amplifying its effects. This may end up affecting the texture of your carpet. 

Stay clean for long
A professional and reputable carpet cleaning company will do thorough and deep cleaning which will keep your carpet clean for long. Using latest cleaning technologies will remove deep rooted urine in the carpet which will keep it cleaner for long. This will drastically reduce the cost of carpet cleaning. 

For effective removal of pets’ stains, the following steps play a big role:
Soak up the affected areas; this will help in removing the fresh urine as much as possible before it dries as this will facilitate the removal of the odor. The urine can be soaked by use of paper towels and newspapers.
After soaking up the urine with paper towels and newspapers clean and rinse the affected area with clean water. 

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