9 Top Best Time Saving Home Cleaning Tips

Time is scarce, and there is never enough of it in a day to take care of ourselves, family and our home. But you can apportion it equitably to ensure that you have enough for everything and everyone. Unfortunately, home cleaning is the most neglected of all when the time is limited. What most people don’t understand is that home cleaning can take a significantly small amount of time if done properly. It does not have to take all day as many tend to think. But how can you clean your house with the shortest time possible? Well, we have rounded up some of the tried and proven time saving home cleaning tips. Try these hacks.

• Schedule Your Cleaning

One of the major mistakes that some home cleaners make is lack of planning. You need to have a schedule on when, where and how you need the house cleaned. The idea of cleaning little here and little there, which is common with homeowners, usually takes a lot of time to have the entire house cleaned. So by coming up with a schedule, you will need to make a list of how the house will be cleaned. You will also be able to classify areas of the house that needs to be cleaned the most and start with them. That way, you will be able to clean the house within the shortest time than before. Always check your list as you go.

• Prepare Before You Vacuum

Picking up things while vacuuming is another mistake that people make while cleaning their homes. Although it has taken this as the norm, it is one of the mistakes that will costs you a significant amount of time to finish cleaning. That is the reason why it is important to ensure that you have prepared the rooms before you vacuum. Make sure that you have moved the furniture, picked up the rugs and all other objects that would stand in the way of the vacuum. With the entire floor cleaned, it will be easy to ensure vacuum the floor within the shortest time possible.

• Clean AS You Go

You can significantly reduce the time that you need to clean your home by cleaning as you go. What do you do after cooking the meals in the kitchen or after brushing teeth in the bathroom? Do you know that you can reduce the time for cleaning your house by cleaning the kitchen while the food is cooking or after cooking? Or by taking an extra minute to wipe down the sink after brushing the teeth. Cleaning on the go also ensure that there is less distraction while cleaning the house and that ensures less time is taken to have the house cleaned.

• Use a Timer

Nothing works better than setting time to clean the house. Depending on the size of the house, you can set the time that you think will be enough for a thorough cleaning. Set the lowest time limits possible to ensure that you have used the shortest time possible. You can also divide the time into different activities. For instance, you can apportion 10 minutes for vacuuming and perhaps the same time for sinks and windows and so on. With such time limits, you will find yourself racing against time thus finishing the cleaning quicker. It will be harder, but the outcome will be impressive within the shortest time.

• Vacuum Then Mop

The series of events matters a lot when it comes to cleaning. What do you do first and what do you do last? There are two critical things that you do in the society- Mopping and Vacuuming. Vacuuming should always come first and finish with the mopping. Vacuuming helps to remove dust particles that would make mopping quite tricky. If you can organize you cleaning in this manner, it will be easy for you to clean your home effortlessly and within a short time.

• Target the Stain Differently

Stains are some of the difficult parts to clean, and they can take a lot of time if they are not handled correctly. Whether they are acidic and alkaline stains, they should be handled differently to ensure that you are taking less time to clean them. To avoid wasting for money, ensure that you have checked the pH level of the cleaning agents. Any cleaning agent whose pH level is below 7 is acidic and will quickly remove inorganic substances such as residues and calcium common in the bathroom. If you are dealing with grease or dirt stains, go for an alkaline cleaning agent with a PH level between 7 and 14. Alkaline agents are great in the kitchen.

• Carry Your Cleaning Supplies in an Apron

Avoid running back and forth while cleaning by carrying all the cleaning supplies with you. That is why it is recommended to ensure that the apron has enough pockets to carry everything that you need for the cleaning. Stash all supply you need so that once you start cleaning, you have everything within your reach. That will significantly reduce the time need to clean your home.

• Give You Houseplants a Shower

Just like the rest of the objects in the house, houseplants also develop layers of dust, and thus they need to be cleaned. Whereas some would do it by hand, you can skip this painstaking process by showering it. Pop the plants in the tab and let the cool water run through them while you are doing something else. Two or three minutes are enough to have the plants cleaned. That way you will have saved cumulatively a lot of time that have the house cleaned.

• Skip some Core

Cleaning your home every day is the best practice, especially if you have kids and pets in the house. But not everything will need to be cleaned every day. Some can be skipped for several weeks or can be done once in a month. The best way to go about it is dividing most frequent and less frequent cleaning tasks. That way, you will avoid an unnecessary task that could be consuming most of your cleaning time.


With these time saving home cleaning tips, you don’t have take all day. These are tips and tricks that have been tried and found to work incredibly for types of house cleaning. Try them and you will be impressed by how much time you can save cleaning your home.

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