Are Dirty Carpets A Danger To Health?

If you have dirty carpets in your home you should have them cleaned as soon as possible because of the danger they pose to your health and to that the members of your family. Remember there is nothing more important than your health and the health of the member of your family. That is why you have to do everything you can to ensure that you only have clean carpets in your home at all times. It is not possible to thoroughly clean your carpet on a daily basis. It is also not recommended that you clean your carpet every week. Just don’t let your carpets get too dirty. Here is how dirty carpets can affect your health and that of your family negatively;

1. Infections and skin irritation

A dirty carpet is hub for micro organisms that can cause multiple infections. It also forms a hub for non-living irritants that can affect the skin and the eyes. Household pests such as cockroaches and rats also love dirty filthy carpets because of the particles trapped in the fibbers of the carpet. These pests are disease carriers. The more you allow your carpet to get dirty, the more you encourage the multiplication of these micro organisms in your house. A dirty carpet also encourages the growth and development of fungi. Fungi can cause multiple infections, the most common being athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is very contagious and it can affect everyone in your home within a very short time.

2. Respiratory problems

Your dirty carpets trap so many things. Some of these things can cause numerous respiratory issues. Dust, molds and volatile compound multiply rapidly when your carpet is dirty. These substances will be kicked into the air when people walk on the carpet. These harmful substances can cause respiratory issue like asthma attacks and allergic reactions. These substances can trigger asthma in people who have never suffered from asthma before. Mould grows very rapidly especially if your carpet is exposed to moisture. Prolonged exposure to the mycotoxins produced by moulds can cause serious disease such as cancer.

3. High stress levels

There have been many studies that shown that a dirty environment can increase anxiety and stress levels. Stress does not cause a lot of harm in the short run but it can cause serous health problems when it is left unchecked for a long time. Stress weakens the immune system making you susceptible to diseases. It can also lead to heart problems in people who are prone to strokes and heart attack. Therefore, if you want to prevent chronic stress, you have to ensure that you keep your carpet clean.

4. Allergies

If there is anyone in your house with pre-existing allergies, the allergy will definitely get worse if you have dirty carpets in your home. This is because the accumulation of dirt easily triggers allergy. There is nothing more important that the good health of your family. That is why you have to do everything in your power to ensure that your carpet is clean. However, cleaning a carpet is not something that be done with anyone using any method. If you want to really clean your carpet, you have to ensure that it is cleaned with a professional who knows exactly what to do. If you clean it by yourself, you can easily damage the fabrics especially if you are not using the cleaning methods or cleaning solutions that have been recommended by the manufacturer.

In addition to the health benefits of cleaning your carpet, there are many other reasons why you should keep your carpet clean at all times. The benefits include:

1. Prevention of odours:
 A dirty carpet can be a source of annoying orders that can make your home a really uncomfortable place to be in.
2. Improved visual appeal:
 it is not pleasant to look at a carpet that is dirty. Cleaning your carpet will help you improve its visual appeal.
3. Protecting your furniture:
 The dirt and dust that has accumulated in your carpet will find its way to your furniture. Therefore, by cleaning your carpet, you are also protecting your furniture. 

To prevent all these harms, clean your carpet on a regular basis. If you don’t know what to do, you can always seek the services of a professional.

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