Benefits Of Cleaning Your Aircon Frequently

What are the benefits of cleaning your aircon frequently? Air conditioning is one of the most common household items. It is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for most. However, many people seem to forget how important it is to clean their air conditioning unit!

You may think that your air conditioner will do the work for you and take care of itself, but by not cleaning your unit regularly, you could be potentially harming yourself and your loved ones with airborne particles which can become trapped in the ducts. Here is what you should know about having clean aircon in your home. Read on – Benefits Of Cleaning Your Aircon Frequently:

How to clean aircon

  • Remove any debris outside the unit with a vacuum or broom. Avoid using water or chemicals, as they will clog up the system.
  • Remove the window covering and clean both sides of the mesh. That is where most of the home dirt and dust will accumulate.
  • If there is any debris stuck between the screens, a small set of tweezers can be used to remove them.
  • Clean the top and bottom coils with a vacuum or soft brush. Don’t use water or chemicals to clean out these coils, as it could damage your system’s seals. To prevent damage to the air conditioner’s inner parts, ensure you do not touch any electrical components while cleaning it inside your home.
  • Clean the coils underneath and around the unit – where most of the dirt will accumulate.
  • If you notice any aircon leaks or a musty odor, call a professional to get it fixed. If there are spikes in the electricity price, you may be eligible for a cash rebate by contacting your local supplier. That can help you reduce your power bill significantly, so consider checking it out before buying a new air conditioner.

Benefits of cleaning your aircon frequently

Improves efficiency of Your Central Air Conditioner

If your central air conditioning system requires repair or replacement, then improving airflow through the unit by cleaning its coils will improve its efficiency and make a noticeable difference to your utility bills. When you clean the coils regularly, the airflow through them will be much stronger, and the compressor can work at a higher pressure than normal. As a result, your unit will be more efficient and produce colder air.

Increases the lifespan of your system

Dirt, dust, and other debris can over accumulate on the coils, which decreases their efficiency. The result is that your AC will not work as well, and if you allow the system to continue working this way, it will eventually break down. However, dirt collection can be prevented by keeping the coils clean to circulate air efficiently. By regularly cleaning the AC coils, you help it to last longer.

Helps to prevent mildew

If the condenser coils of your aircon are not cleaned regularly, then dirt and home dust can accumulate on them. When water flows over them, it cannot evaporate as well due to the build-up of dirt, which results in the formation of mildew and mold. Also, moisture in the air will result in the growth of these microbes, which can lead to serious health problems. However, cleaning your AC coils regularly keeps these problems at bay and improves indoor air quality.

Increases the comfort of your home

Soot accumulation on the coils will prevent air from circulating through them easily as they will be less effective in cooling. That makes it critical to clean them regularly to increase the flow of air and increase the comfort of your home. Of course, the colder air will be comfortable for the people in the room, but it will also make your system work more efficiently.

A clean A/C filter will not only allow better airflow but also increase comfort by preventing indoor pollutants from entering your house. A dirty filter will also take longer to cool your house. Also, having a dirty filter prevents it from performing its function effectively and from normalizing the incoming air temperature and consequently overworking your heating system tremendously more than necessary.

Minimizes allergy problems

Keeping the indoor air cleaner can help reduce allergy symptoms among you and your family members and decrease discomfort while sleeping. When the Aircon filters get dirty over time with the remains of dried-up food like tea leaves or sodium chloride residuals from cooking, it cannot allow small particles like home dust particles to pass. Hence, these particles’ allergens can trigger sinus congestion attacks and other allergies. Do not worry, when you clean your Aircon filters regularly, you make your living space air-tight and therefore reduce the chances of having allergies and asthma.

It helps to prevent damage to other components.

Home dust and dirt build-up on the coils of your AC unit will affect its efficiency and cause it to malfunction. Also, when the dirt is stuck on coils, it will restrict airflow, making it less effective in cooling your home and causing a considerable reduction in energy consumption. You need to clean these coils regularly to keep them practical so that they can run effectively without any problems.

Improves indoor air quality

It is crucial to keep the inside of your house at a reasonable temperature; a clean air conditioner will help you do that. Regular AC unit cleaning will make it more efficient and produce colder air, making it more comfortable for people to live in. Also, clean coils can help you improve your indoor environment by removing moisture and other contaminants from the air. That makes your AC unit one of the most effective ways of keeping indoor air quality as good as possible, but only if it is regularly cleaned.

Protects the inside of your AC from water damage

Aircon condensers are made from plastic or metal, prone to corrosion. Hence the only way to clean these filters is to use a vacuum cleaner or to take them outside and wash them under running water. The gaseous nitrogen used in Aircon helps trap bacteria and other air pollution inside so that they can’t spread throughout your room or house. Keeps your room clean for longer.

Saves you money on repairs and maintenance

When an Aircon becomes dirty over time, it affects its efficiency. Therefore, not cleaning the Aircon properly results in frequent system breakdowns. Using high-quality, expensive water-based solutions to clean the AC regularly is essential. You will also avoid having a broken AC when you need it most. To ensure that your system is working properly, check it regularly with a good quality tester like a basic tester for air-con systems.

In the long run, having a dirty air filter will increase energy costs. The best way to prevent this problem is to clean your air conditioning filter as often as needed. That will ensure you save money on your electricity bill by not wasting its power unnecessarily.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Aircon Frequently – Conclusion

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Aircon Frequently

Regularly cleaning your air conditioning unit will keep your system in good working order, and enjoy the benefits of clean aircon in your life. In turn, this means that you can save money on utility bills each month, and you will also be able to use your new AC unit as if it was brand new! The best way to clean your AC is to bring it to a professional aircon cleaner, who can carry out a high-quality maintenance check and advise you on the best way to keep it running smoothly.

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