What Is The Best Inverter Air Conditioner Brand?

It is an undisputed fact that maintaining the appropriate heat and cool levels at homes has been an important necessity since the days of the past. The key reason that makes this a necessity is the tendency of the ever changing weather patterns whereby at one time the weather could be reach the extreme of both the hot and cold sides. This is usually an uncomfortable and unhealthy condition for the body and hence the need to invest in an air conditioning system. 

In the island and lone city of Singapore, the inhabitants are usually subjected to temperatures and heat levels that are oppressive. This creates a great demand and need to get the best air conditioners in Singapore. In Singapore air conditioners are available in three main brands namely Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. The confusing part comes when one has to choose the best air conditioner from the above three. Below is a review of the above air conditioners which will help one find the air conditioner brand that will satisfy their heating and cooling requirements and at the best price.


It ranks among the leading top air con brands in Singapore and it is also popular with most Singaporeans. This is evident by the way many of them seek it out when shopping. There are diverse reasons why many Singaporeans prefer getting air cons from this manufacturer. The most outstanding reasons are its longevity and quality service it accords the owner. Other main reasons on why people love this brand are its affordability, efficiency, variability, incredible warranty and durability. 

Mitsubishi also offer consumers with quite a variety of air cons as it has close to ten different varieties. These varieties are meant to meet the different preferences that different consumers have. Each of these air con brands come in different capacities, features as well as prices that make them affordable to the different consumers in every category. 

This manufacturer uses materials that are durable in manufacturing their air cons making them durable in the long run. The company also utilizes the best and latest technologies when manufacturing their air con brands to ensure that their longevity is boosted in a great way. The new technologies also go a long way in enhancing efficiency which contributes largely to the reduction of energy bills as exemplified in Mitsubishi inverter air cons. Most of these conditioners come with a warranty that runs up to 10 years. This is usually a proof that the conditioners are of the best quality which is an advantage to the consumer. The Mitsubishi Electric (Starmex) and the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) produce air conditioners that are the best.


Panasonic is the other popular brand of air cons in Singapore chiefly due to the many advantages it offers mainly due to its ergonomics. There are several benefits that users stand to enjoy from these air conditioners include panels that are easy to remove, powerful buttons, odor management, longevity and quieter modes. Panasonic utilizes the state of art technology to offer users with highly effective and responsive to initiate desired instructions that are quicker than the other available air cons. They also come with buttons that are capable of inducing quite modes, although there are some air cons that have this feature. 

They have panels that are easily removed during regular maintenance and cleaning. They have an odor management feature which is a great characteristic of these air cons. There are other advantages that come with this type of air cons like patrol sensors which detect, isolate and condensing dirt particles which ensures that the air is purified. They are also durable, come with super tropical compressors as well as Blue Fin condensers that improve the appliances’ life.


Daikin refers to the other leading manufacturer of air cons that are supplied in Singapore and they come in quite a range to enable consumers to have a wide array of choice. Daikin air cons are specially praised for their functionality features that ensure there is an efficient supply of fresh and clean air wherever they are installed. Their air cons are duct-less making them suitable to install either as new installations or as additions to the already existing air cons easily in a zoning plan or indoors. 

These air cons exhibit some precision in their temperature control, airflow consistency as well as intelligent sensors which perceive the pressure changes and then initiate the temperature balances. They also include wired and wireless remote controllers. These air cons are also popular due to their energy efficiency, reliability and the exemplified efficient products like VRV-S and additions that are single-split. 

Choosing this brand of air cons is touted as advantageous in that it is the only air con manufacturer that has its reputation built around cooling, heating and ventilation equipment to be used in both offices and homes. They also provide backup facilities and services that are excellent to the people who use their devices. The company also has a great sales service as well as maintenance services which are highly competent and which always get the job done right.


All the above discussed air con brands are some of the popular and most sought after by the highest number of Singaporeans. This is as a result of their long life, high efficiency levels and easy maintenance. These product brands also come with long warranties, which signify their top quality as well as guarantee from the manufacturers that they will last long. They are also all available in various sizes, categories and have diverse features so as to satisfy the many preferences different Singaporeans could be looking for in air conditioners. They tend to be more affordable, something that makes them to be within the ambit of so many Singaporeans’ budgets without causing any financial strains. 

Lastly it is important to ensure that you go for the brand that suits your own requirements and preferences. It is also important to consider their installation process as this is what affects their output the most if especially it is done by an unqualified person. It is important to ensure the contractors you hire for the installation are qualified professionals that ought to be fully knowledgeable and experienced in handling HVAC systems.

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