Can Carpet Shampooing Ruin My Carpet?

Cleaning our carpets is not an easy tasks for many of us. Besides the fact that the task itself tends to be boring, there are some carpet cleaning methods that do not work. Carpet shampooing is what you need when it comes to deeply clean your carpet, and this situation is out of the questions with many carpet cleaning methods out there. You also need to understand the fact the heavy, solid carpets will not be cleaned up the right way by vacuuming, so you need a better solution for this problem. You must also know that Singapore has around six million people with one of the highest income per capita in the world, which means that the market for cleaning machines is huge, and the same is true for other rich countries in the world. We are going to talk a little bit about how carpet shampooing will benefit you in Singapore or any other country in the world.

Understanding How a Carpet Shampooer Works

A carpet shampooer will allow you to clean your carpet quickly and easily. This machine will shoot water and shampoo in the right amounts in order to get the dirt out of your carpet, since these substances will go deeply into the carpet.

Get the Steamer 

You will need a steamer in order to make your shampooing work for you. You can both buy or rent a steamer. When you rent a steamer, you will receive all the cleaning products you need to perform the cleaning job with ease. Just imagine how easy it will be for you to use a machine that comes with all you need to perform the job right away, and it will be a child’s play for you of course.

Use the Right Approach

You will need to use the right approach right away, which means that you will use the prespray for areas that are heavily soiled – your shampoo will be used for other parts of the carpet. This method of cleaning will work wonders for you, since you will be using the right product for the right part of the carpet or the right job in this particular situation. Now all you have to do is fill the hose with some hot tap water, which will allow you to finish the job the right way. 

Read the instructions manual of the manufacturer of the steamer in order to use your shampoo the right way – you need to do this in order to avoid many headaches in the future.

Extracting the Right Way with Carpet Shampooing

You need to create a water-extraction path in order to clean a carpet the right way. Your water spray will be on or off depending on the amount of water you want to extract. But remember that you need to test the carpet with your hands in order to find out whether this cleaning method is working or not. Remember that carpet shampooing is the way to go when it comes to getting the heavy dirt out if your carpet, and that a carpet shampooer is your best friend for this task.

Working with Your Shampooer

After thoroughly vacuuming the carpet, you have to fill up the shampooer with the right amount of water and shampoo. Next stand behind the machine in the farther corner of your room, and then turn it on. Start to move the machine over your carpet with all the care in the world. The next step is pressing the button that control the flow of machine’s shampoo and move the shampooer backward across the whole carpet. Lift up the handle up a little bit in order for the brush to go deep into the carpet. Next you will see a lot of water, dirt and shampoo getting out of the carpet into the hose or reservoir. You will need to refill the machine after the water and shampoo flow starts to fade. In some models you will be able to see deeply into the machine, and you will know exactly whether the machine needs a refill or not.


Carpet shampooing is one of the best methods anyone can use to clean a carpet. You must also get rid of the idea that vacuuming alone will get you the results you are looking for. Use the right steamer with the appropriate amount of water and shampoo in order to get the outcome you want.

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