Can We Use Newspaper As Window Cleaner?

Window cleaning is an essential part of home cleaning and a dirty window is always one of the worst signs of poor housekeeping. However, it is important to keep the window panes and grills clean not only for aesthetic beauty and hygiene but also as a form of maintenance and increasing longevity. There are several window cleaners and cleansing products in the market. Finding them should never be an overwhelming experience. However, not all cleaners you come across will depict desirable traits. It is therefore important to keenly review all products and suggestions before spending your money. Yet, how easy would it be to double up your newspaper as a window cleaner?

Newspapers and window cleaning

People have been using newspapers to clean their windows long before the switch from oil-ink to soy-based ink. Just a couple of decades ago, newspapers were printed using oil-based ink which often left ink stains and unsightly marks on the window. Even then, some were already using newspapers to clean their windows from time to time. Fortunately, the shift to soy based ink eliminated the issue of stains officially making newspapers some of the best window cleaning options. The alternative cleaner most people use is paper towel which unfortunately also leaves lint on the surface. Cloth fabrics are out of the question as ineffective window cleaners as they paint the window surface with the worst dry markings regardless of how clean both the water and cleaning cloth. So can newspapers be used to clean windows? Of course, they have been used in the past and some suggest they are better than other alternative cleaners.

The main benefit

The primary advantage of using newspapers rather than paper towels to clean your windows comes from their compact structure. Unlike the loose paper towels, newspapers have more rigid fibers that do not separate to cause lint. Since newspapers are just as effective as paper towels (they have no solid materials like silica that can scratch the surface), leaving no lint gives them an edge.

How to clean windows with newspapers

Although it is common knowledge now that the daily newspapers can help you achieve a mark-free, lint-free sparkling clean window, not many get this result. This is often because of using the wrong cleaning process or technique. Just like every other part of the house, window cleaning is approached in a specific unique way to prevent overworking and get the best results. For instance, cleaning from down upwards will definitely leave running lines of water or make your work quite daunting. It is therefore just as crucial to know how you will use the newspapers to get what you are looking for.

• What is needed – 

you basically need some newspapers, your window spray, water and vinegar as well as soap. The recipe is quite simple; use 2 cups of water with teaspoon of liquid soap and ¼ cup vinegar. You can always increase the ratio amounts if you have larger or more windows.

• Cleaning instructions – 

cleaning your windows should begin with collecting all the necessary supplies mentioned above and mixing them using the given ratio. It should be an effortless process if you are using window sprays that already contain cleansers, disinfectants and a deodorant after-feel. If you must use vinegar, make sure you dilute with enough water. Vinegar is usually ideal for removing waxy films that are too hard to remove using sprays alone. Once you have your supplies and equipment ready, apply the cleaner or just dip the newspaper into a jar that contains your cleaning solution. Begin rubbing the newspaper on your windows in a circular direction before proceeding to vertical and horizontal. Do this for all parts of the window for evenness and to remove all spots.

Newspaper cleaners are very easy to use. All you need to do is rub it on the window until all the cleaning liquid is dissipated and your windows are left shiny with no visible streaks. It is important to note that vinyl windows come with white frames which may cause some newspaper particles to stick and leave marks. It is therefore best that you do not rub the white frame or other coarse surfaces but use newspapers on the glass panes alone.

Pros and cons

The pros of using newspaper cleaners are quite obvious and straightforward. This is not a new trick but has been handed down from grandparents and parents. Newspapers have just become better and more convenient to use in window cleaning than they were in the past. Since you probably already buy the daily newspaper, you will not feel any extra weight. Instead, you will have no need for paper towels and this reduces your monthly expenses. What’s more, it reduces the amount of waste you produce at home. Some of the crystal pros include the following;• Cost-effective way to clean windows• Leaves no lint or streaks on the window• Can be used for home windows, glass walls and car windows among other clear glass panes like glass fence. • Environmentally friendly • Easy to use • Does not scratch or damage your window in any way

Newspapers also have a few disadvantages just like any other window cleaner. Some of the cons users have noted include the following;• Disposing wet used newspapers is something you will need to deal with• Newspapers suck in more cleaning liquid than paper towels which mean you use more solution• The habit may sometimes be inconveniencing

It is common to dispose newspapers that had some important adverts or information that you were planning to use. Window cleaning makes it so easy to use and dispose newspapers. Nonetheless, you should be able to remove any important leaf if you are a good at organization and planning. 


Newspapers are the best window cleaning alternatives for cloth and paper towels. Although some families do not buy newspapers on a daily basis, it is still possible to get on with the ones you purchase from time to time. You should always be keen on the type of newspaper; some are cheap quality oil ink papers hawked in the streets and they can leave more embarrassing stains. Only use the reputable credible newspapers that are associated with high quality and conscience for environment.

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