Carpet Shampooing VS Carpet Steaming

Carpets need to be cleaned properly and regularly. Everyday simple vacuuming is sufficient to keep the carpet clean but this type of cleaning does not clean the carpet thoroughly. Over time, dust and dirt get lodged deeply into the carpet pores and on carpet fibers. It starts looking grimy and loses its sheen. It is unhygienic to live in rooms where the carpet is dirty. A dirty carpet poses health risks to the residents. Professional carpet cleaning is needed once or twice a year to thoroughly clean the carpet and bring it back to its glory.

Professional carpet cleaners use three types of methods to clean the carpet:

• Dry Cleaning
• Shampooing
• Steam Cleaning

Each method of cleaning has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know the differences between these cleaning methods to make an informed decision. In the dry cleaning method, carbonated and carpet absorbent techniques are used. This method is preferred if quick cleaning and drying is needed. The disadvantage of carpet absorbent is that it leaves a film on the carpet. Carbonated cleaning method requires use of strong brushes and oxygenated solution. This cleaning method can damage delicate fibers of carpet.

Carpet Shampooing

It may look a simple method of cleaning the carpet but when professional cleaners are involved then they are bound to use advanced cleaning techniques and equipments. In this carpet cleaning technique, detergent is mixed in water to create a foamy substance. Some cleaners use a foamy chemical that initially does not require use of water to create foam. This type of shampoo usually has multiple ingredients including sodium lauryl sulphate. This chemical ensures stable foam. The cleaning agent has lubricants that ensure the carpet fiber is not damaged during the cleaning process.

A general floor buffing machine is used in carpet shampooing method. The equipment has nylon brush attachment and a solution tank. The brush spins on the carpet surface at a low speed. The technician handling the machine releases small amounts of shampoo every now and then as required. The brush used in the machine has soft nylon bristles which help spread the shampoo evenly across the carpet. The foam created this way is left on the carpet for 2-24 hours. As the foam dries, it attaches to the dirt and soil. Once the foam has completely dried then the carpet is vacuumed with the powerful vacuum machine. All the dust and dirt along with the dried particles of foam is pulled away from the carpet leaving it completely clean.

Advantages of Carpet Shampooing

• It helps remove deeply lodged soil and dirt in the carpet.
• The brush bristles reach beneath the carpet surface. The circular motion of the brush attachment dislodges the embedded dirt.
• It is an effective method to remove deeply grounded soil in the carpet.

Disadvantages of Carpet Shampooing

• It takes several hours to completely try the carpet after shampooing.
• The nylon brush scrubs with high intensity. It can harm the carpet if it has delicate fibers.
• The powerful vacuum machine cannot remove dried particles of the shampoo 100% from the carpet.
• A sticky film is left which can be a problem.

Carpet Steaming

A special vacuum cleaner is used in this cleaning process. It requires use of water which is heated to the required temperature level. The resultant steam is released deep into the carpet surface. The heat helps dislodge deeply grounded dust and dirt in the carpet. Once the contaminants are loosened from the carpet fibers then it becomes easier to remove all that contaminants with the help of vacuum machine.

This cleaning method is also known as hot water extraction cleaning. High pressure hot water is used in this cleaning process. Cleaning solution may be used to clean the carpet. Once the cleaning solution has been released into the carpet, a machine with the brush is used to agitate the carpet surface. This process helps clean the carpet thoroughly and remove all contaminants from the carpet. In the last step, all the dust, dirt, water and cleaning agent are removed with the help of vacuum machine. For best results, it is important to let the carpet dry completely before use.

Advantages of Carpet Steaming

• A big advantage of steam cleaning is that this method can be used for all types of carpets.
• It is considered deep cleanser because it removes contaminants from deep inside the carpet.
• It does not leave cleaning agent in the carpet.
• It dries quickly.
• It helps keep the carpet in good shape and maintain its texture and color.
• Harmful germs and micro organisms are eliminated because of high temperature steam.
• It is very effective against carpets exposed to high traffic.

Disadvantages of Carpet Steaming

• It is a complex method because it requires use of large machines.
• It can be done only by the professional carpet cleaners.

Before using any type of cleaning method, it is important to identify the carpet and read its manufacture’s cleaning instructions. If in doubt, it is a good idea to consult a carpet cleaning company. When all stains, sand, grit, dirt, dust and allergens are removed from the carpet then it starts looking new and fresh. It is a pleasure to walk on clean and shiny carpet.

The frequency of professional cleaning is higher for carpets used in commercial places that see high traffic. The time it takes for the carpet to dry depends on its thickness and ventilation in the place. Proper cleaning helps extend the life of the carpet. It starts looking clean which helps enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior. Clean carpet is an important aspect for a commercial establishment where the visual perception of cleanliness affects the sale. Customers and clients may not pay attention to a clean carpet but if it is dirty then it attracts everyone’s attention. An unclean carpet creates the wrong impression about the business in the minds of customers.

A clean carpet helps maintain healthy environment in homes, shops and offices. It is important to hand over deep carpet cleaning job to a professional company that specializes in this field. Such a company has the required heavy equipments and trained technicians to handle the job properly, quickly and efficiently. It is an affordable service that helps bring back the shine in the carpet.

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