Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning (2023 Guide)

The Chinese New Year festival is here again and without any doubt, it’s one of the most significant events in Singapore in the Chinese calendar. Before life gets busy and you forget about house cleaning, it is important to contact a reputable house cleaning service to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Some of those companies give you the option to choose between one-time home cleaning services like spring cleaning or regular cleaning once a week. Keeping your home clean is important for you and your loved ones during the Chinese New Year festival are important for many reasons.

In this post, we look at several reasons to hire a spring cleaning service in Singapore before the Chinese New Year Festival kicks off.

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Your House Will Be Spotless and Clean

Most people in Singapore have a tendency of cleaning their houses frequently before the festival because they believe that their houses have to be spotlessly cleaned before the event.

In fact, it’s like a tradition among those who celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival. A clean and tidy house will let you wake up happy and stress-free.

You, Will, Have Less Stress

Let’s face it. House cleaning is one of the most feared chores by most homeowners, especially those who have busy schedules and time to clean themselves. Hiring a spring cleaning service to clean your house during the Chinese New Year Festival extensively will let you have a piece of mind because all you will have to do during the festival is just spend a little time daily to maintain your clean home.

You don’t have to worry about spending most of your precious time trying to clean your messes during the festival. Moreover, you will be able to find everything that you are looking for quickly, prepare your meals, prepare for work and relax without having to stress yourself about the clutter in your home.

You Won’t Spend Your Holiday Cleaning

The Chinese New Year festival offers you a superb time to spend with your family and friends. To spend less time cleaning you need to hire a reputable spring cleaning service. You will have less to clean and more to gain after hiring a reliable spring cleaning service.

Spending a few minutes every weekend will help you spend less time cleaning during the festivities. Ensure that you complete simple chores like washing dishes, running the vacuum cleaner, giving the toilet a quick swishing with the brush, and much more so that you avoid spending your time cleaning later.

You’ll Check Infestations

Besides letting you enjoy the comforts of a clean home during the Chinese New Year festival, cleaning also keeps pest infestations out of your home. Yes, you heard me right. During the festival, you can easily invite pests into your home and expose your loved ones to various dangerous diseases caused by parasites.

Cleaning up messes immediately they happen will keep pest infestations off your home. After a spring cleaning service thoroughly cleans your home, ensure that you avoid leaving full trash cans or dishes in your home. Besides, don’t allow clutter to pile up if you don’t want to have pest infestations during the Chinese New Year festival.

You’ll Increase The Lifespan Of Your Home

Some materials in your home will only last longer if you regularly clean them. For instance, items like your carpet need regular cleaning so that it keeps looking newer and smelling fresh. Failure to clean your carpet regularly will make it look dirty and old and if you have visitors then be sure that you will create a bad first impression.

A professional spring cleaning service has all the equipment and products used to clean and increase the lifespan of many items in your home. Don’t hesitate to hire one if you are looking to increase the lifetime of items in your home before and after the festival.

Cleaning Creates A Safe Environment For Children

Do you have small kids? Well, cleaning your home before the Chinese New Year festival will make your home safer for the children. A spring company uses products that won’t harm your kids or pets in any way.

If you decide to clean your house on your own, you might end up using products that can severely affect your children during the festivities which should not be the case. Besides, a professional spring company will reduce clutter in your home meaning your kids won’t be victims of tripping hazards and many others.

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Your Home Will Be Well Organized

A spring cleaning service will ensure that your home is well organized after cleaning. Their professional cleaners should be able to help you organize your home in such a manner that you will be able to get everything that you are looking for in a flash. If your home is well organized, the chances that looking for something will ruin your Chinese New Year festival are slight.

You’ll Foster Good Health

Cleaning your home before and after the Chinese New Year festival is the best way to promote good health in your home. A dirty house is full of dust and other allergens that are known to cause various diseases and allergies. To ensure that everyone in your household stays healthy during the Chinese New Year festival hire a professional spring cleaning service to remove dust and all allergens from your home.

You Might Get New Year Cleaning Offers

Just before the commencement of the festival, there are lots of spring cleaning companies offering new year cleaning packages for their clients. Some of their packages are only available to those who book the Chinese New Year Festival in advance. Act quickly if you are looking to take advantage of the offers.


There you have it reasons why you need to get your house thoroughly clean before the Chinese New Year festival. To get excellent deals make sure that you compare services and prices before contacting any spring cleaning service. Gone are the ages when preparing your house for the event was an uphill task. Happy Chinese New Year festival! Contact us if you need professional help spring cleaning your house or office: +65 9186 9762

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