Comprehensive Home Spring Cleaning Checklist To Follow

When doing thorough maintenance and cleaning of the home, it is good to establish a checklist for spring cleaning to organize one’s efforts. The to-do list must be organized by room and involve areas that do not get weekly cleaning and dusting attention.

While preparing a spring cleaning checklist, look for valuable items. Absorbent pads must be on the list since they are handy items for cleaning up any spills which will occur. As spills arise almost daily, it is good for one to have the pads anyway within the house. It is essential to remember to make a cleaning plan.

Strive to include the entire family in that plan to complete the cleaning easier and faster. The cleaning activities should be shared among the family members. For instance, the husband can help clean the bathroom while the children clean their rooms.

Spring Cleaning Checklist
Spring Cleaning Checklist

Generally, a comprehensive and reliable spring cleaning checklist should focus on the following home areas and their respective chores. These areas are the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, bathroom, and utility/laundry room. In general, spring cleaning chores include; dusting ceiling corners, washing walls, touching up paints, cleaning scuff marks, dusting baseboards and crown molding, dusting lamps and light fixtures, washing window curtains, dusting bookcases and polishing wood furniture, etc.

To be precise, the following are areas that require your attention when it comes to drafting the spring cleaning checklist:

Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Since spring cleaning refers to the season for preparing the outdoors for subsequent seasons. The checklist should provide some guidelines during outdoor cleaning. What is more, you should:

• Sweep deck well

• Power wash deck thoroughly

• Atain deck completely

• Power spray siding

• Do some paint on shutters, doors, trim, and wood 

• Power wash garage-door

• Perform external door frames cleaning

Cleaning Induction Cooktop
Cleaning Induction Cooktop

• Wipe away cobwebs

• Shake out entrance floor-covering

• Clean grill

• Clean and renovate gutters

• Replace broken stones, bricks, or wood

• Carry out outdoor light fixtures cleaning

• Wash outside windows

• Clean backyard patio furniture

• Trim shrubbery, trees, and bushes 

• Check and restore sprinklers

• Wipe away cobwebs

• Inspect roof shingles

• Plant garden

• Plant flowers

• Add Mulch

• Trash cans cleaning

• Clean out the garage

• Wash and polish cars

Kitchen spring cleaning 

Kitchen Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning

In the kitchen, the following chores are included in the spring cleaning checklist. You should:

Thoroughly clean the microwave

• Get rid of unnecessary things in the kitchen

• Perform trash can disinfection and cleaning

• Carry out the thorough cleaning of the dishwasher

• Vacuum refrigerator coils

• Thorough cleaning and organizing of oven, freezer, and refrigerator.

• Perform replacement of refrigerator water filter

• Change the filter and clean all hood vents if need be

• Reorganize kitchen drawers and cabinet

• Tidy up stove burners

• Conduct garbage disposal cleaning and disinfection

• Keep bake-ware, pots, and pans clean

• Clean and organize storage containers and plastic-ware

• Straighten glass, mugs, and cups cabinet and eradicate the unnecessary

• Straighten bowls, plates, and other tableware and remove the unnecessary

• Perform small appliances cleaning and disinfestation 

• Organize the pantry

• Sanitize sharpened knives and cutting boards 

• Carry out the pot rack, coffee maker, and high chairs, cleaning

• Perform wall paint touch-up, tile cleaning, tidy under the sink cabinet door polishing, and deep cleaning

• Clean check spices and herb freshness 

• Establish a meal plan

• Disinfect pulls and light fixtures

• Deep clean floors

• Determine if you require new kitchen supplies

Dining Room Cleaning
Dining Room Cleaning

Dining Room spring cleaning checklist 

Remember to include your dining room chores in the spring cleaning checklist because it frequently needs to be noticed in a home’s cleaning schedule. Therefore, this spring cleaning checklist will guide you in keeping your dining room tidy. What to include or carry out in this checklist allows you to:

• Eradicate unnecessary items

• Floor molding, dust crown, and wall corners molding 

• Scrub walls

• Conduct outlets and light switches cleaning and disinfection 

• Perform wood cabinet dusting and polishing

• Dust and clean windows, inside and out

Clean and de-clutter drawers and hutch cabinets 

• Wash table linens and cushions

• Wipe-wash globes and light fixtures

• Wipe down and disinfect the tables and chairs, including underneath and legs 

• Remove the rug, shake it, and then do some vacuum-cleaning on the floor before replacing the rug

Bathrooms Spring Cleaning

Because of the dampness, you will come across musty stein all over the bathroom. Therefore, to carry out efficient and easy cleaning in your bathroom, the spring cleaning guidelines will help you maintain your bathroom clean. This checklist should guide you in doing the following chores for the bathroom;

Toilet Cleaning
Toilet Cleaning

• Clean air vents 

• Carry out light fixtures and switch cleaning and disinfection

• Disinfect toothbrush holders

• Clean and replenish soap dish

• Clean makeup brushes

• Clean wash globe and light fixtures 

• Clean shower caddy

• Clean mirror

• The clean door frame of the shower 

• Clean shower liner and curtain 

• Clean shower glass

• Sanitize countertops

• Dust or clean the inside or outside surface of the windows

• Polish faucets

• Hand scrub and mop floors (considering moldings, corners, and unique grout lines)

• Scrub and sanitize the toilet, including around the hinges, under the seat, and around the base

• Scrub the shower or/and bathtub 

• Scrub walls

• Hand wash towels

• Unblock and replenish lotion dispensers

• Wash floor mat

• Wash trash can 

• Wash bathroom cup

• Wipe toilet paper holders, towel racks, and cabinets knobs

• Eradicate rust from lavatory seat screws

• Make toilet seat hinges tighter

• Clean shower head

• Re-seal grout and tile 

• Clean lavatory exhaust fan

• Caulk around the bathtub

• Unclog Drains 

• Polish wood cabinets

• Toss expired makeup

• Toss beauty products 

• De-clutter and keep drawers, bathroom closet, and cabinets clean and organized

Utility/Laundry Room spring cleaning

Laundry Room spring cleaning
Laundry Room spring cleaning

In the utility room, spring cleaning also applies to ensure the place is in good condition. Therefore,

the following are chores to do:

• Clean the dryer vent

• Keep washing machine clean inside

• Empty washing machine 

• Dust wall corners, floor molding, and crown molding

• Dust underneath and behind and dryer and washer 

• Sweep and wash floors

• Wash walls

• Re-seal tile grout

• Arrange contents on shelving

• Eradicate unwanted cleaning products

• Fix organizers to clamp cleaning products

• Sterilize light switch plates and door knobs

Family Areas / Living Room Spring Cleaning 

Living room spring cleaning
Living room spring cleaning

With the living room spring cleaning checklist, you can easily maintain your family room clean and organized without sacrificing much on deciding what to do. Nevertheless, the following is the list of chores that are included in the living room spring cleaning checklist to follow;

Vacuum and shampoo rug

• Always vacuum in between cushions and under furniture 

• wash light globes and clean lights

• Condition leather furniture

• Dust ceiling fans

• Enable clockwise spinning of switch ceiling fans

• Vacuum lamp shades

• Dust lamps

• De-clutter

• Wipe and polish bookshelves and furniture 

• Dust wall hangings edges, pictures, and mirrors

• Wipe windows and as well as window sills

• Get rid of scuff marks from moldings and doors

• Sanitize light switch plates and door knobs 

• Dust electronic gadgets

• Organize electronic accessories

• Sterilize gaming devices and remote controls

Spring Clean Bedrooms

Bedroom spring cleaning
Bedroom spring cleaning

During spring cleaning your bedrooms, the checklist should provide some chores to undertake to ensure that your bedroom is tidy and organized;

• Dust window sills and baseboards 

• Clean mirrors and glass

• Dust lamps deeply

• Vacuum lamp shades

• Wood furniture polishing

• Dust ceiling fan

• Clean light globes and light fixtures

• Organize your closet

Donate unneeded items and switch seasonal clothing 

• clean dresser

• Conduct mattress flipping and rotation 

• Clean your mattress

• clean underneath your bed

• Wash pillow and bed sheets


The Spring Cleaning Checklist becomes a meaningful discipline for those who own their homes. Do you need help to care appropriately and protect your single and most significant financial investment? Looking for a spring cleaning service in Singapore? Contact us now!

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