How Often Should You Send Carpet For Cleaning?

“How often should I have my carpet cleaned?” this is one of the most frequently asked questions in the home cleaning sector. A carpet is a substantial investment in any home that covers the floor and makes it more appealing. A carpet can therefore affect the look of a room or even people’s feelings about your home both directly and indirectly. A dirty carpet can be embarrassing especially when you have visitors that you highly respect. A clean carpet makes you comfortable and happy while welcoming people to your home. Neglected carpets can wear out permanently and can be costly to replace. Besides the replacement cost, replacement involves a lot of work since the room has to be emptied. It is therefore very important to take good care of your carpets to make them last for longer.

When should carpets be cleaned?
If you choose to clean your carpets or not, you will definitely incur cost. You can choose to do carpet cleaning once a year or once in six months, but the rule of the thumb is at least once a year. The following questions can help you in deciding the intervals of cleaning your carpets.

How often does your family suffer from allergies?
Keeping your carpets clean greatly reduces allergens in the air. Cleaning your carpets 2 to 3 times a year can help reduce allergies. Your area of residence should guide you in knowing how often to clean your carpets.

How many pets do you have?
Although pets are good, they don’t know the importance of cleaning their paws before coming back to the house. They also make carpets dirty as they eat or drink. Their hair and oil as well makes carpets dirty. The more pets you have and the larger they are, the more often you need to clean your carpets.

Is the carpet vacuumed regularly?
The more often you vacuum your carpets, the less often your carpets will need cleaning.

How many people do you live with?
If you live with many people who wear shoes in the house, you will need to clean your carpets regularly to reduce the wearing effect of the carpet caused by soiling of carpets. 

What does your warranty state?
Your carpet manufacturer recommends carpet cleaning at certain intervals for maximum service. The warranty requirements should guide you in deciding when to clean your carpets.

When you answer these questions, you will realize that the frequency of carpet cleaning can greatly vary from home to home. The frequency of cleaning different carpets of the same home can also vary. For example, the family room carpet needs to be cleaned less often as compared to a guest room carpet. If you don’t have many people in your home or many pets, you may think that your carpet is free from soil while it is actually not. A look at your furnace filters will confirm that soil is usually deposited all over your carpet whether it is walked on or not. Every carpet therefore needs to be cleaned off periodically to keep you feeling better about yourself and your home.

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