How To Clean Stubborn Kitchen Oil Stains Easily?

Kitchen is not only one of the busiest places in any house, but it is one of the dirtiest places as well. Your kitchen cabinet doors, chimney and counter top can have a lot of oil stains in it and you can find it really hard to get rid of those stains with ease. And if those stains combine with deposition of the dirt, then many commercial cleaners also fail in its cleaning unless they have proper knowledge for same. Thankfully, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you get rid of those oil stains from your kitchen in a really easy and smart manner. I am certain many of you may not know anything about these tips and that is why I am sharing these tips below with you.

Make a plan: 

If you seriously want to clean stubborn kitchen stains from your kitchen, then it is extremely important that you make a plan before starting the cleaning process. If you will try to clean it without having a plan, then you will not be able to get any good outcome in it. In this planning, you should make a list of all those places where you have tough oil stains and then you should think about cleaning. This basic thing will help you get it cleaned in a proper steps and you will be able to get really good outcome as well with ease. 

Get rid of clutter: 

Having clutter in your kitchen is never a good thing and you may not get any good outcome in the cleaning unless you remove it completely. So, before you start the cleaning work it is advised that you get rid of all the clutter from your kitchen countertop. In order to remove the clutter, you can take out all those things that you can remove and you should keep them in cupboard or other places. It will give you enough space to have right kind of movement for cleaning the oil stains from your kitchen. 

Get supplies for cleaning: 

You can either use vinegar or you can use soap solution for same. Apart from that you will need to have some fresh towels, scrubbers and hot water as well for same. If you don’t have right kind of supplies for cleaning of your kitchen, then it will be really difficult for you to finish the job. So, it is advised that you gather all these supplies before you try to clean the oil stains from your kitchen. In addition to this, you may also need to use some safety tool such as safety glasses and gloves. That will keep you protected from any kind of damage or other complications associated with it. 

Prepare the solution: 

To clean the oil stains from kitchen you can make the cleaning solution with a mixture of washing soap and warm water. That combination of cleaning solution will help you do the cleaning in an easy manner. If you want you can also use vinegar instead of water and soap, but when you use vinegar, then make sure you use white one and you use it in concentrated form. That preparation will simplify your task and you will be able to have clean house for sure. 

Soak the stains: 

If you already know the places where you have oil stains, then you can take some cleaning solution and you can soak it at that place. When you will soak the stain, then it will be easier for you to remove the stains gradually. Also this soaking of solution will make sure you get the best outcome without any kind of troubles. It will also reduce your efforts that you will need to invest in the cleaning of oil stains in your kitchen.

Scrub it gently: 

After some time of soaking the oil stains in the soapy solution, you should take the scrubber and you should scrub it gently. In order to do that scrubbing you should take the scrub and you should do that in circular moment. When you will scrub the stain in circular moment then it will gradually remove the stains from kitchen surface. If you are doing it on any kind of hard surface such as countertop, then you can do that without any issue, but if you are doing it on a soft surface such as wood, then you need to do it gently. If you will do it in a rough way, then you may damage the wood and that will not be a good thing. So, make sure you keep this thing in your mind to avoid any kind of damage in your wooden cupboard while removing the oil stains in your kitchen. 

Rinse it with water: 

This is another important thing that you have to do to remove the oil stains from your kitchen. After scrubbing the stains, you should wash it with water and you should clean it gently. That will certainly help you remove all the stains and dirt from it. If you notice some stains are still there then you can do the scrubbing process again and you can have good outcome with ease. After that you can do the cleaning again and you can have a shiny and bright kitchen that is free from any kind of oil stains.

In the last step, make sure you take some soft and dry towels and you clean the rinses surface with fresh towel. If you will leave the water unattended, then it may affect your wooden surface. I am sure, you don’t want to make this mistake in any condition and you want to damage your wooden surface. Hence, it is a wise idea that you keep it dry after cleaning work is done. Also, when you do the rinsing on wood surface, then make sure you do not use excess water and you do not let it slip to your cupboard unless it is needed. That will help you keep it clean in a smart manner and you will not have any kind of other damages also in it.

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