How To Clean Your Mattress Like a Pro?

A number of studies and researches have revealed that an average human spends one-thirds or more of his life sleeping. Being aware of this fact, it is certain that none of you would want to spend this 30% of your life on a dirty and foul-smelling mattress. A mattress can even double itself in weight in a span of 10 years as a result of repeated encounters with debris, dust and mites that accumulate over it over a period of time. It therefore stands for a fact that regular cleaning and maintenance of your mattress is a must to ensure its longevity and freshness. A clean mattress can also hugely affect the quality of your sleep. 

Having said enough about the importance of a clean mattress, let us see how to clean it in a professional manner:

1. General mattress cleaning
General mattress cleaning involves vacuuming the mattress first. This is required to ensure that it does not get stained when it gets wet because if the dirt is not vacuumed, it will have more matter in it to stain the mattress in the event of it getting wet. The next step is to employ upholstery cleaner on it. Upholstery cleaners are generally made to clean surfaces that touch skin and hence do not trouble your skin unless you are an extreme case of sensitivity. They effectively remove dust mites and their excreta from the mattress’ cloth. It is wise to use an enzyme cleaner to break the structure of stains in order to remove them. 

2. Removing unidentified stains
There may be many stains on the mattress with their origins unknown. One good way to tackle all stains in general is to spray a citrus cleaner over them and let it remain for at least five minutes. Subsequently blot the cleaner using a clean absorbent cloth. Make sure you do not rub it because it may result in spreading the stain beyond its original confines. A mild detergent can also be used in place of a citrus spray. 

3. Removing blood stains
Blood stains can give you a tough fight when you venture out to remove them. The first weapon in your arsenal against blood stains is Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply it on the stains and blot it while it is still bubbling. This will lessen the stain, if not remove it. Make sure that you blot it with a clean and dry cloth. Thereafter, you can apply the meat tenderiser from your kitchen on the stain to remove protein in the blood and subsequently rinse with cold water. For dealing with fresh blood stains, spraying a solution of salt in plain water can prove to be very effective. 

4. Removing Cigarette Odours
It is not recommended to smoke while in the bed but it has been found that many people do it and end up leaving their mattresses saturated with cigarette odours. Even if you have taken good care not to smoke in the bed, someone else from your family may have done so and your mattress may have absorbed some of the odours. To tackle such tough odour, it is a good idea to bake mattress in the sun for some time. While the sun is at it, spray some neutraliser or a fabric odour remover and leave it outdoors until it gets fresh. Thereafter bring it inside and treat it with baking soda by sprinkling over it and allowing it to stand overnight. Vacuum it the next morning for an odour-free mattress. 

5. Removing Mattress Mold and Mildew
Removing mold and mildew from a mattress can be the most challenging of all your mattress cleaning ventures. It is recommended that in case mold or mildew appears to have seeped in deeper than just the surface or more than half of the mattress has been infested by mold or mildew, discard it and get a fresh one since these two agents can cause serious health hazards. You may however salvage the mattress if only a small portion of it has been affected. 

To treat mold or mildew, take the mattress out in the sun. Bring out your powerful garage vacuum cleaner, wear a protective mask and vacuum the mattress. Allow it to sit in the sun for as many days as required to get rid of them but make sure you do not leave it outside in the night. 

These mattress cleaning tips can prove very helpful in letting you clean your mattress like a professional to get rid of dirt, dust, stains and other disease causing microbes that may have crept in the mattress.

Infographic - How to Remove Stains On Mattress
Infographic – How to Remove Stains On Mattress
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