How To Do End Of Lease Cleaning For HDB?

How To Do End Of Lease Cleaning For HDB? While you are moving from a house or HDB apartment and after ending your tenancy, there are some issues that you need to face. If your lease is over and it is time to move out of the apartment then, you should clean the house and repair it as well if you have broken anything.

You will have to clean the house for the next tenant. So, as you can see, End Of Lease Cleaning is very much essential. You should also know that without proper cleaning and repairing, you may lose your deposit money. If you are not good at cleaning then, you should not trust your cleaning capacity and skills to guarantee your bond refund.

So you will have to hire a professional end of lease cleaning service for this purpose. Tenants need to clean the whole house to restore a rented apartment to its original and previous condition.

To End Of Lease Cleaning tips:

How To Do End Of Lease Cleaning For HDB?

If you are doing the cleaning process on your own then, you will have to follow these simple steps. The tips are such as follows:

  • You will have to keep all your cleaning supplies close to hand. You will have to put all the cleaning essentials into a portable bucket. This will speed up your cleaning process.
  • For the easy cleaning tips, you need to follow the rules from left to right, back to forth, and top to bottom as well.
  • You will have to start with the dry cleaning task. You will have to start with vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping. You need to do these dry cleaning works before using a damp cloth and mopping.
  • If you have any pets then, you should take care of the fact very well. You cannot let your pet creates any kind of a mess.
  • If you have any hazardous items then, you will have to ensure to move those items safely.

Exterior cleaning tips:

Now it is high time to start the cleaning process. So, let’s start with the outdoor cleaning tips. Here are some tips that you may follow at the time of cleaning your exterior part:

  • You should remember to clean the patio area including the BBQ and other outdoor furniture and items.
  • After cleaning the patio area, you should clean the dust and cobweb from the walls and sills of the windows and all.
  • You should remove any kinds of mess that your pets have made.
  • You should also repair any damage if there is any due to your pet.
  • The outdoor lights should work properly and clean as well.
  • You will have to remove all garbage and put it in the trash bin.

Interior cleaning tips:

How To Do End Of Lease Cleaning For HDB?

After cleaning the outdoor space, it is high time to clean the indoor spaces. Let’s check the tips before cleaning the interior part of your HBD:

  • You need to clean and empty the wardrobes before leaving the house or the apartment.
  • You should check all the lights and other fixings are working properly.
  • Wiping out the windows and doors is very necessary.
  • Before leaving, you will have to clean the airconditioning machine.
  • You should remove all dust and cobwebs from the interior walls of the house.
  • You need to clean the ceiling fans and all.
  • You should wash and also dry lean the curtains before moving out from the HBD.
  • You need to move your furniture and make a place for the new one.

Kitchen cleaning tips:

It is time to clean the kitchen area. You may follow these tips:

  • You will have to clean the gas, grills, oven walls and all. You should not use any kinds of harsh chemicals. You can use the baking soda mix to clean these areas.
  • You should clean the sink and remove food items and debris from there.
  • You will have to clean the garbage bin as well before leaving.
  • You should clean all the countertops and surface areas.

How To Do End Of Lease Cleaning For HDB? – Conclusion

How To Do End Of Lease Cleaning For HDB?

You need to follow these checklists before moving out from HDB. Apart from this, you will also have to clean the bathroom and laundry parts of the house. After cleaning all areas, it is time to clean the stains and remove the scuff marks from the walls. You should steam clean the carpet.

If you cannot do these all then, you may ask for professional help and hire the professional in this regard.

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