How to Keep a Gas Stove Clean & Shiny?

In your kitchen your gas stove is one of those few things that never get a chance to take rest. Even if you are making a tea, you will be using your gas stove for that. When you cook food on it, then sometimes you spill some material and sometimes things get boiled out from it. In other of the situation cleaning of you gas stove becomes very difficult for you. And if you want to keep it shiny and clean then things could be very much complicated for you. But thankfully there are some tips and tricks that can tell you how to keep a gas stove clean & shiny and I am sharing those tricks below with you.

Turn of the gas supply: before you think about cleaning your gas stove, it is advised that you turn off the gas supply to your stove. First you shall turn off the gas burners and after that, you should turn off the main supply of gas. It will make sure you do not get any kind of leakage of gas in your home. If you just used your gas stove, then you should let it cool before you start the cleaning process. It will be easy for you to handle a cool stove and you will not have to worry about the burning or injuries as well.

Clean it superficially: on your gas stove, you may have different kinds of deposition such as dirt, dust, oil marks and food spill. You may not clean all those things easily, but if you have any kind of food spill, dirt or dust, then you can certainly clean that with a cloth. In fact, you should follow this cleaning practice every day after using your gas stove. That help you keep it shiny for a longer time and you will not see a lot of grease and other similar deposition on your gas stove. 

Clean the removable: In your gas stove, there could be so many parts that could be removable from your gas. These parts can include gas burner surface, stand and similar other things. You should take it out from your gas and you should soak that in a soapy liquid for some time. You can make this liquid in a tub using a dishwasher cleaning solution and water. When you will let it soak for few hours, then you will be able to do the cleaning of grease easily and that will also help you have a clean and shiny gas stove easily. In order to clean it you can use a scrubber as well and that will certainly help you get better cleaning for sure. 

Unblock the blockage: 
In your gas burner, there may be some blockage due to various reasons. If your gas stove burner cleaning was not able to remove the blockage, then you can take a sharp and straight needle to unblock these holes. This may be a time-consuming process but if you can do that properly it will help you keep your gas stove clean and shiny for a longer time. A clean burner will also consume less gas and that will save your money as well. After that, you should rinse your burner with some hot water and if needed you should not mind using a scrubber as well 

Clean the rings and top: After you are done with the cleaning or burner and other removal parts then you should pay attention on the cleaning of your gas stove rings. For that requirement, you should take a scrubber of good quality and you should use soapy liquid as well for that. You should scrub the rings and top of your gas stove with that scrub. With some gentle scrub you will be able to remove most of the grease content from the top of your gas. If you still see some marks on the top, then you can use lemon juice or other acidic material to get rid of those spots. This simple tip will not only remove the grease and other cleaning, but it will also help you have a shiny gas stove as well.

Clean the ignored part of your gas stove: In order to have better cleaning of your gas stove, it is extremely important that you clean every part of your gas and that include less visible or ignore areas as well. These less visible or ignored areas can include the knob, gas supply point and lower side of your gas stove. To clean these areas, you can take a tooth brush and you can use that brush to do the cleaning of these parts. That may seem a tough task but if using a tooth brush that will become really easy for you. Also, these places or points are not very big in terms of size, so you don’t have to worry about the time as well that you may need to give for its cleaning. 

Assemble it back: After you are done with the cleaning of your gas stove in separate parts, then you should assemble it back properly. That should not be a tough task for you in anyways because these things are easy to assemble and most of the people do it on the regular basis. The only precaution that you should follow in this assembling is that you double check everything is cleaned and dried properly. If you will have water dripping from it, then it may leave some water marks on your gas stove and you may not have a clean and shiny stove as per your choice.

In order to keep it shiny all the time, you should do the deep cleaning of your gas stove atlases once in a month or 45 days. Other than this, if you spill anything on your gas stove, then you should do the cleaning instantly. That will make sure you do not get any kind of dirt or dust deposition on the gas stove and it will help you have a better outcome as well for sure in easy ways.

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