How To Remove Chemical Stains On Toilet Tiles? (Updated)

The toilet is one of the most important places in every home where the residents visit regularly. Most of the Singapore homes have toilets lined with ceramic and other types of tiles in their walls and floors to give them an elegant look, irrespective of their size and standard.

With regular cleaning, these tiles’ smooth surface enables them to remain clean and shine for a long time. But sometimes these toilet tiles get stained even after their regular and proper cleaning.

There can be many reasons behind these stains, including careless cleaning, weak cleaning products, and certain chemicals. These chemical stains become a big problem if not cleaned as soon as possible. They will not only affect the looks of the toilet but also cause unhygienic conditions in the household.

The water used in using the toilet and cleaning toilet tiles may contain certain chemicals. They can cause stains on toilet tiles if the tiles are not cleaned frequently. Certain tile cleaning products include chemicals of such low consistency that instead of cleaning chemical stains, they increase their existence.

If you are facing such a problem in Singapore, then you should go through this write-up. This article office some tips for getting rid of these stains from the tiles in the toilet. But before following these tips, you should be ready in advance with the equipment and supplies required for this purpose.

You can quickly and effectively maintain your toilet’s cleanliness with the help of these tools and products. Along with the stains caused by the use of chemicals, you can also remove other impurities like mildew and molds from your toilet by following these tips.

How To Remove Chemical Stains On Toilet Tiles?

Tips to remove chemical stains from toilet tiles

Use baking soda: 

Baking soda cleaner is one of the interesting products used for cleaning chemical stains from toilet tiles. Baking soda’s excellent potential can clean various types of impurities as soon as possible.

You can use it in a combination of certain other products like hydrogen peroxide and dish wash liquid. But you should wear a pair of gloves while applying it to the tiles for this purpose as it can be harmful to your naked hands. It can remove any stubborn stains from the tiles quickly and effectively.

But you should rinse the tiles thoroughly after using the solution of baking soda as it can cause stains if remained on them for a long time. So to obliterate baking soda from the tiles, you can also use warm water.

Apply vinegar: 

Cleaning toilet with vinegar
Cleaning toilet with vinegar

Another simple way to remove chemical stains quickly from toilet tiles is to apply vinegar o them. Some active ingredients fond in vinegar can remove any impurity from your tiles in the toilet very quickly.

To increase the effectiveness of vinegar, you can also use it in combination with warm water and liquid dish wash detergent. The stubborn stains on the tiles caused by the use of chemicals can be removed easily. So you can keep your toilet cleaning and shin by using these ingredients on its tiles. You can easily find them online as well as offline stores these days.

Use cooking oil: 

Most Singaporeans are ignorant of the use of this cooking oil. Cooking oil can remove various types of toilet stains. Though this tip is extremely useful and effective you should be careful while using it for this purpose.

Toilet tiles should be rinsed completely after the cleaning process. Left with even a small quantity, it can leave stains behind. increase stains on the tiles if leftover them even in smaller quantity. You can use shampoo or soap for this purpose. Thus you can completely move chemical stains from your toilet tiles by using this tip regularly.

Use tile cleaning products with natural ingredients: 

Eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products
Eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products

Several products contain various natural ingredients that can be used for cleaning toilet tiles as they are specially designed for this purpose. They clean the chemical stains from the tiles and keep them safe for a long time.

You can find these tile cleaning products easily these days as they are available at several online and offline stores. But while selecting the best product for your tiles, you should check its ingredients carefully.

Use of chlorine: 

It is another easy-to-use method that can be used for removing stains from toilet tiles easily. These days chlorines are considered as one of the best bleaching agents used for this purpose.

Along with removing stubborn chemical stains, it can also be beneficial for removing various other harmful elements, including molds, yeasts, and bacteria, as well as certain other undesired germs. You can remove them all completely by using it to clean your toilet tiles.

To improve chlorine’s effectiveness for this purpose, you should use a soft brush while applying it to the tiles. 

You can easily use some of these tips to clean chemical stains completely from the toilet tiles in Singapore. But if you do not have enough time to do it yourself due to your busy schedule, you can also hire a professional cleaning service provider company for this purpose.

They can remove the stubborn stains and other impurities from the tiles of your toilet based on their long experience and expertise. They can also do it effectively as they have proper tools and professional-grade cleaning products required for this purpose.

You should compare their services along with their prices to find the best service provider.

How To Clean Toilet - Infographic
How To Clean Toilet – Infographic
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