How To Wash Home Curtains? (Updated)

How do we wash home curtains? When people do the cleaning of their home, they clean almost everything in their home, but they ignore their curtain cleaning most of the time. People do not clean their home curtain because they think it is hard to clean.

However, if you know the right ways to clean your home curtain, you can easily do the cleaning. To help you more with this requirement here, I am sharing some smart tips on curtain cleaning.

Remove the curtain carefully

To clean your curtain at home first, you will need to remove it from the pipe. When you do it, then make sure you do it carefully; you might damage your curtain, and you might hurt yourself.

For this requirement, you can use some other tools, such as a bigger stool or leader. If you think you need other people’s help with this, then don’t mind asking for help from your family members or some other people as well. 

Curtain cleaning
Curtain cleaning

Check the condition of your curtain

This is one big mistake that many people make while cleaning their curtains at home. You need to understand that your curtain cloth remains in direct contact with sunlight and some time with dust and dirt also.

These factors can affect the curtain strength dearly, and it might reduce the strength of your curtain. If your curtain or its fabric is weak, then it is a good idea that you get a new curtain instead of washing it. If you think your curtain is good for cleaning and the fabric has no problem, you can go ahead to the next step for cleaning your curtain.

How To Wash Curtains For Home

Remove rings from curtain

After you remove the curtain from the pipe, you need to remove the rings from it. If you wash your curtain in your home washing machine having rings in it, it will damage your washing machine, and you will not get better cleaning.

Therefore, you must remove all the plastic or metal rings before you do the cleaning of your curtain. If you notice you are getting some complication or trouble removing rings from your curtain, you can take others to help with this. 

Read suggestions

If you do not have a custom-made curtain at your home, you will get a tag that explains cleaning instruction. Indeed, this tag seems very small, and many people ignore it, assuming it will not help them.

However, that is not a good thing to do, and it is suggested that when you clean your curtain, you clean it according to guidelines suggested in that small tag. That small tag can give you so many details about curtain cleaning in short, and it always helps you in a great and most amazing manner.

So, make sure you follow the guidelines suggested by that tag while cleaning your curtain at home.

Use the right washing method

To have a clean curtain at your home, you must use the right method for washing it. If you have a big washing machine at your home that can take the load of your washing machine, then you can go ahead, and you can use that to clean your curtain.

However, if you do not have a bigger washing machine, you can use the bathtub to wash and rinse it. This bigger bathtub will allow you to wash it properly without any compilation or issues. When you choose a cleaning solution for that, they prefer to choose a cleaning detergent suggested by your manufacturer. 

Washing home curtains
Washing home curtains

Clean rings separately

To have properly cleaned the curtains, you need to have clean rings as well. If you do not clean your curtain rings, you will not get a better cleaning result with it, and all of your efforts will go to the vein. That’s why you must clean your curtain rings separately.

Also, if you notice a lot of dust, dirt, or rust on it, you can boil them in vinegar water, which will do the trick. This simple method will not only clean all the rust and dust from your curtain, but it will get it back into the original condition as well. 

Clean walls, window and pipe

Before you hang your curtain back on the pipes, you must clean your walls, pipes, and windows as well. I am asking you to clean these things because you get a lot of deposition of dust and dirt on these places, and if you do not clean it properly, it will make your curtain dirty again.

If you need to use some special tool or others’ help for this cleaning, you shall take that instead of ignoring the task. If you ignore this part of the cleaning, your curtain cleaning efforts will become useless, and you will get no benefits.

Washing your curtain
Washing your curtain

Hang it back carefully

First, you need to add the rings in your curtain to hang it back on the pipe. This process might be complicated for a few people, so it then prefers not to make any force in it when you do. If you are not sure about its tricks, don’t mind taking help from someone who knows about it.

In addition to this, it is also important that you allow your curtain to dry before hanging it back. Although you can hang it while wet also, that will drip the water in your home or on your carpet, which will not be a good thing for you.

Other than this, it can also get cumbersome, and pipe may not take that much load. So, while hanging it back, make sure you do it carefully to get optimum results with it.

Infographic - How To Clean Curtain
Infographic – How To Clean Curtain

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