Is Curtain Dry Cleaning Really Safe? (Updated)

Is curtain dry cleaning really safe for you? Clean and fresh curtains can really bring life to any space and make your home looking perfect. But then, do you realize that your curtains may also tons of microscopic mites?

This is totally true since curtains are the best filter against smoke, airborne dust, hair, pollens, and all types of particles making it a suitable habitat for horrible dust mites. So, it is advisable to have curtain dry cleaning 2-3 times a year to keep your glorious curtains smelling clean and fresh all throughout the year.

However, washing curtains can be a cumbersome especially if you own a massive one. With this, you can resort to the best curtain washing and dry cleaning services to ensure your curtain will be handled by the right people. Is it safe to dry clean curtains? The answer is certainly yes, if you get hold of the most reliable curtain washing services. 

All about Curtain Dry Cleaning 

Curtain cleaning
Curtain cleaning

Curtains are one of the major home attractions. They cover windows and often made out of fabric materials. Hence, it is vital to have these cleaned these on a regular basis to prevent dirt and dust trapping onto it.

There are various ways of cleaning curtains like manual washing, vacuuming, steam cleaning, and using washing machines. Yet, these methods can be laborious and not safe for your curtains. So, better take a look at the most sound option, dry cleaning. 

Basically, it is a method that is used to clean textiles, fabrics, and clothing items utilizing chemical solvents apart with the exception of water. Dry cleaning is the best method for items that cannot bear up with the tumbles of washing machines and spinners that oftentimes lead to the material shrinkage.

Well, it may not be the cleaning method required for curtains, it is considered to be the safest especially for lightweight curtains and those that are made from delicate fabrics or materials. The heavy-duty ones may not require dry cleaning, but it is still best to send such dry cleaning every once in a while. 

Are You In Need of Professional Laundry Service? 

Curtain cleaning
Curtain cleaning

The help of professional cleaning or laundry services can be very handy especially if you live in Singapore. A busy life is common in the city, so having someone to help you to do household chores such as washing curtains can be a huge relief.

Service providers that are experts in the different fields of house cleaning are required if you wish to maintain the cleanliness of your home, particularly your curtains. So, apart from the part-time maid or spring cleaning or carpet services that you can get hold of, you may also resort to professional laundry services to dry clean curtain in the safest and cleanest way.

Here are some of the best features of a credible curtain dry cleaning company: 

· Professional experience – A laundry dry cleaning service provider with professional experience is the best way to go. Such a company can deliver satisfactory services to Singaporean clients.

Leaving the dry cleaning to the professionals will ensure that your curtain will be in the care of the experts while guaranteeing a hygienic and healthy environment. 

Curtain cleaning
Curtain cleaning

 · Fast service – Contacting a curtain dry cleaning provider can help you have your curtains washed in the fastest, yet safest manner. A competent provider has the best training and experienced to provide speedy services.

 · Good reputation –
 The laundry service provider to choose should be credible. The company must have earned a reputation by providing satisfying services for years. 

 · Reasonably priced –
 The service provider must be capable of providing quality services at an affordable rate. This will not only help you save money, but it will also help you find your life-long partner for all your curtain laundry needs.

If you can find all these qualities in a laundry service provider, you can be assured that your curtains will be safely dry cleaned all the time. 

Safe Curtain Dry Cleaning – The Benefits 

Bringing your curtains for dry cleaning offers plenty of benefits. Primarily, this cleaning method preserves the quality of your curtains and its lifespan. Also, dry cleaning prevents wrinkle formation on your curtains and shrinkage that may be caused by dryers and washing machines.

On top of these, the dry cleaning solvents can remove all tough and stubborn stains as well as fungus, molds, and bad odor. Hence, dry cleaning is really safe for your curtains and you should lookout for a reliable dry cleaning company that will keep your curtains sparkling clean all the time. 

Infographic - How To Clean Curtain
Infographic – How To Clean Curtain
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