Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning A Must? (Updated 2023)

Is end-of-tenancy cleaning a must? When you rent a house then it is your responsibility to take care and maintain the property. As a good tenant, you should ensure that you will look after the property until the end of your tenancy and ensure to hand over the property to the landlord in the condition you have entered into it. So it is a must for you to clean the house when you have decided to move to some other location.

Another reason to go for the end-of-tenancy cleaning is to get the deposit as much as possible while moving out of the property. Cleaning the home effectively before the final inspection is the easiest way to reduce the deductions in the deposit.

If you do not have time or experience in cleaning the home yourself then hiring a professional cleaning service can be the best way to achieve the goal. They can help in cleaning the house as much as possible before handing over the keys to the landlord.

Other reasons to clean the house before the end of the lease

End of lease cleaning
End-of-lease cleaning

You can get your full deposit refunded by ensuring the end of tenancy cleaning. Most of the disputes regarding the refund of the deposit are caused due to lack of or insufficient cleaning at the end of the lease.

A tenant can organize house cleaning at his own convenience and the landlord cannot compel him/her to hire a cleaning service for this purpose

Though the level of cleanliness depends upon the will of the tenant still the landlord can request him for giving the hygienic level as described in the inventory report while moving in.

You should use the check-in inventory to guide you if you are performing end of lease cleaning yourself. It will help you in scheduling your house cleaning process to clean the property completely. 

If you are cleaning the house yourself then you should arrange enough time for it as the end of tenancy cleaning is a time taking process. 

The dispute of deposit and home cleaning can be resolved easily on the basis of inventor reports. In order to hand over the property in the cleanest condition, you can start cleaning the property just before moving out of it. 

If you have not cleaned the house before moving out even then your landlord cannot charge you excessively in this regard. 

Moving out cleaning
Moving out cleaning

It can be an exhausting decision for you if you want to hire a professional cleaning service for end of lease cleaning. You should ensure that the service provider cleans the house sufficiently so that you can claim your full deposit from the landlord.

Who is responsible for the end-of-tenancy cleaning?

The cleaning and maintenance of the rented property is the responsibility of the tenants. So they can be held responsible for increasing the risk of molds, pest infestation as well as spreading hazardous diseases due to the lack of hygienic conditions in that property. So the bill for removing such hazardous conditions will be paid by the tenants even if it is a bit costly.

The tenants are also responsible to clean driveways, patios, and gardens as they are also part of the property they are using. So, they should ensure the cleanliness of the entire house in their possession before the check-in inspection of the landlord.

However, the landlord can be responsible for cleaning the entire area if it is in a shredding building. In such conditions, the landlord either has to do end-of-tenancy cleaning himself or hire a specialized cleaning service to clean his property.

End of lease cleaning
End-of-lease cleaning

Can the landlord compel the tenant to hire a professional cleaning service?

Though the responsibility of cleaning the house before the end of the tenancy is for the tenant the landlord cannot compel them to hire a professional cleaner, if the level of hygiene is the same as described n the move-in inventory report. But if it is not up to the mark then he can compel you for it otherwise he can forfeit your deposit or cut cleaning charges from it.


If you are a responsible tenant and consider your rented property as your own home then you will always keep it clean as per inventory. In such a condition, you need not make special efforts for the end-of-tenancy cleaning before handing over the keys to the landlord when you are moving out of it.

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