Should You Hire a Part-time Maid or a Full-time Maid?

Should You Hire a Part-time Maid or a Full-time Maid? If you are very much busy with your work schedules, children, and your social obligations, then it can be difficult for you to clean your home which is also important to live a comfortable life in Singapore.

In this condition, you will have to think of hiring a maid or domestic help for you as you cannot increase the number of hours in a day. The engagement of domestic help or maids has a long history as they are employed in the homes for housekeeping services since long.

But it can be difficult to decide between part-time maid and full-time maid, especially when you have shifted to a new location. But whatever be your decision, one thing is sure that you can spare your time for more important works of your home and life by hiring a maid. The tips provided hereunder can help you in choosing between full-time and part-time maids.

Should You Hire a Part-time Maid or a Full-time Maid?

Before choosing between full time and part time maid you must know what it means to be? A part time maid is one who works as a housekeeper for one client for less than 30 hours a week. But they provide their service to various families every day as they have to earn the salary equivalent to the full time maid.

As they have to travel to provide their services to different clients every day, their per-hour rate can be e bit higher than full-time maids.

A full-time maid, on the other hand, is one who works only for one family for more than 40 hours a week. Sometimes they can also provide their services to other clients on an ad-hoc basis depending upon their circumstances. The package of full-time maid depends upon their living facility i.e. whether live with their employer or away from them.

Things to consider while deciding between a full-time maid and a part-time maid

Size of the family: 

Should You Hire a Part-time Maid or a Full-time Maid?

The size of your family plays a great role in making a decision to hire the kind of maid for domestic help. A part-time maid can be enough for you if you are a single female or male with no pets or children as the size of your living place will also be limited and you may have much work to do in your household.

But if you have a complete family and live in a larger home with several rooms then you may need a full-time maid to ensure the proper maintenance of the entire home. The domestic help will have to take care of the entire property even if some of its rooms are not in use in routine.

In fact, the rooms that are seldom used need more care otherwise they can give a stale feeling.

Size of the property: 

While deciding between part-time maid and full-time maid the size of your property plays an important role. You may need a part-time housekeeper you live in a small house, condo, or apartment which may not be your main residence.

If the house is your main residence then you may need a full-time maid to maintain it, even if it is small size, as it may receive more dirt and dust than a residence where you live occasionally. Actually, a part-time housekeeper can keep your home clean and tidy if you use it infrequently, even if it has 3 or fewer bedrooms.

But it is your primary residence and you have more than 3 bedrooms then a full-time housekeeper can be the best choice for you. However, while selecting between part-time and full-time housekeepers, you should be aware of the restrictions of their time to serve you.

Your lifestyle: 

Your decision for a full-time maid or part-time maid can also depend upon the amount of time you spend entertaining others. If the traffic of guests and other visitors is more in your home then to keep it clean and tidy you may need a full-time maid.

You will have to maintain a separate room for guests to accommodate the guests you are welcoming now and then. After the departure of one guest the guest room will have to be prepared, changed, and aired for the arrival of the next guest.

Your maid should also keep your lifestyle and preferences in her mind while preparing the guest room. A full-time help can improve the looks of your entire home as per your expectations if she could devote her time properly.

Additional obligations: 

Should You Hire a Part-time Maid or a Full-time Maid?

If you expect your housekeeper to perform some extra works apart from her routine tasks to make your life easier then you may need a full-time maid as a part-time maid cannot give you more than stipulated time as she has to attend to several other clients every day.

These additional works may include taking care of pets, taking care of children, cooking or improving the looks of your entire home, etc.

So while hiring a housekeeper you should keep all these things in your mind so that you can make the right decision. If you have additional duties in routine then a full-time housekeeper will have to spend most of her weekly working hours maintaining your home as per your requirement

Should You Hire a Part-time Maid or a Full-time Maid?Conclusion

Should You Hire a Part-time Maid or a Full-time Maid?

Thus, by considering the tips provided in this write-up you can take a complicated decision of choosing between a full time maid and part time maid easier. While planning to hire domestic help in Singapore you should make a list of duties and the standard of the services you want to be performed by them.

It can make things clearer between you and the service provider.

But, if you are unable to make such decisions then you can contact a reliable cleaning service provider in Singapore to help you in this regard. They can help you in deciding between a full-time as well as a part-time housekeeper as per your requirements and expectations.

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