The Frequency of Sanitizing Your Sofa and Beds

The Frequency of Sanitizing Your Sofa and Beds – Living in a clean environment comes with numerous benefits from living a healthy life by eliminating germs, bacteria, pathogens, dust, and dirt that may pose health risks. Instead of performing frequent cleaning to your sofa and beds, you can occasionally sanitize the items thus maintaining cleanliness every day for a healthy family living.

Furthermore, sanitizing your home comes with numerous advantages as it ensures cleanliness and also destroying bacteria, germs, and pathogens. The biggest challenge comes up when you don’t know how often to sanitize the sofas and beds. The frequency depends on various factors from the size of your family, pets, and more. To determine the sanitizing frequency, here are some of the factors to consider.

Family size and kids


If you have more kids in your house, then you have a greater responsibility of taking care of every aspect of the house especially cleaning. Kids like to play around with mud, throwing things on the floor, and chasing each other. Sometimes they spill drinks and food everywhere when taking their meals and also playing outside the house and bringing dirt back into the house.

All these kids’ activities cause faster dirt accumulation than a house with no kids. It’s, therefore, necessary to perform thorough cleaning regularly and also sanitizing the sofas and beds regularly. Sanitizing the furniture after every 2 months will destroy the bacteria, germs, and pathogens that kids might bring back into the house after playing from the outside.



For pet lovers who have several pets in their homes for a companion, it’s also necessary to ensure maximum cleanliness by cleaning and sanitizing. Pet may pee on the sofa and leave pet dander by mistake on the sofa and also on the bed. Such pee may accumulate and release odor which may result in an uncomfortable environment. Pet may also release fur on your bedding and if the pets aren’t clean, pests that attack the pets may breed posing a health risk to your family.

The waste and pet dander may provide a breeding environment for pathogens, germs, and bacteria that may pose a health risk to your family. It’s, therefore, necessary that you sanitize the sofas, beds, and the entire upholstery with the recommended chemicals preferably after cleaning to destroy the germs and bacteria.

Chemical, food, and drinks spillage accidents


Sometimes accidents happen without your consent where someone accidentally knocks down bottles with chemicals. Children may often spill foods and drinks when taking their meals. Something like aerosols, paint, food materials plastics, and any other items may leave residue on your sofa and beds.

Some of these particulates and residue might accumulate to a higher level and trigger the growth of allergies, pathogens, bacteria, and germs which pose health risk infections to your family. If such accidents occur, it’s necessary to thoroughly clean the affected areas and also sanitize with reliable sanitizing products for a healthy living environment.

Viruses and Bacteria


Whenever there is an outbreak of particular illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria or germs in your area, it’s always necessary to sanitize your entire home including beds and the sofa. You might only see the visible dirt where you might not see bacteria and viruses accumulating on the sofa fabric. In such a situation, it’s always necessary to thoroughly clean your place and sanitize with the most appropriate sanitizing products. Heavy traffic inside your home also brings dirt and dust inside your home which may carry bacteria and germs. It takes only a little effort to sanitize your home and ensure a healthy environment for your family.

The Frequency of Sanitizing Your Sofa and Beds –


To ensure optimal cleaning and sanitizing, you can always sanitize the beds and sofas with ease. If you don’t have any ideas, you can also consider consulting local professional cleaners. The benefit of seeking professional assistance is that they know the most appropriate sanitizing products to use for every situation. You can start by cleaning the entire house then sanitize to eliminate the chances of breeding germs, bacteria, and viruses. Besides a home with pets, children, heavy traffic, and more, you can sanitize your home regularly in a period of about 6 months.

In case of emergencies and accidents, it’s necessary to sanitize right away after cleaning. Sanitizing once a year also offers efficiency and providing a good interval before the next sanitizing period thus eliminating any chances that may pose health risks to your family.

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