Tips On Using Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Products

Tips On Using Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Products. Cleaning and disinfecting can keep you engaged throughout the day. However, this is important to maintain a healthy environment and protect your family from many diseases. Normally people cannot distinguish between cleaning and disinfecting. They think both are the same. But these are different. When cleaning helps to get rid of the dust and dirt, sanitizing can kill visible and invisible viruses and bacteria.

There are different types of sanitizing and cleaning products. All of them come with some specific usage instructions. It is important to understand and follow these instructions to make cleaning and sanitizing safe and more effective. In this article, we will know more about how to use cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products.

Sanitizing Vs Cleaning Vs Disinfecting


For cleaning, we use detergent and water. This solution can help to remove grime and dirt from carpets, windows, walls, floors, and even furniture. For sanitizing, you will need some specific products made to kill germs. Sanitizing will kill a small amount of the bacteria. You can use sanitizer sprays to clean your counters, bathrooms, dishes, toys, door handles, window panes, and many other possible areas. In some places, you might need a further step such as disinfecting. This procedure will kill most germs on surfaces. You can use disinfecting products to disinfect your home or office.

How to Use All These Products


We use disinfectants and sanitizers to kill germs and control communicable diseases. But these products can be harmful to your kids especially when used in a concentrated room. You will have to follow some precautions while using these products. Here are a few for your help.

  • You must store products in a well-labeled container
  • Make sure that home sanitizers and disinfectants are not accessible to kids
  • Diluted products need to be labeled and to be out of the reach of your kids
  • You must avoid spraying sanitizers when your kids are around
  • You will have to take extra caution when your kids have existing respiratory issues or allergies
  • All the products come with different instructions and users must follow these instructions to avoid an unpredictable situation

Precautions While Using Bleach


Household bleach is effective against many microorganisms. You can use it as a sanitizer or disinfectant. However, you will have to check the concentration before using it. Bleach is available with different strengths. For example, household bleach can be used to disinfect your dishes. This is the solution of 52, 500 parts per million of sodium hypochlorite. It is considered a safer choice. The ultra form is more concentrated and users need to dilute it before using. The higher-strength bleach should not be used for homes especially when you have younger kids.

Household bleach is easily available and cost-effective. However, they will lose their strength fast and you will have to use them daily to get an effective result. You should leave these solutions for a minimum period of two minutes and then wipe off. You can also allow it to dry up since it does not leave a residue. The household bleach is effective to sanitize your utensils and dishes. However, the lower concentration does not make it a practical choice to disinfect other objects.

How to Use Disinfectants


For a more effective result, you will have to separate cleaning and disinfecting processes. You can clean the surface first and then you can disinfect it. When the surface is dirty, it might block the effect of sanitizer or disinfectant. So, follow a simple rule. Clean the surface with soap and water and then disinfect it. You should never mix ammonia (cleaner) and bleach (sanitizer). The mixture can be poisonous gas.

Cleaning Products Alternatives


It is possible to prepare homemade less toxic cleaning products. One can prepare a homemade cleaning product by using liquid soap, baking soda, and vinegar. All these ingredients are cost-effective and less harmful to your kids. However, you might need to work hard while using these homemade cleaning products. They will demand more time to offer a similar benefit. You can use these homemade cleaners to clean your home without toxic involvement. These are safer and effective.

Tips On Using Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Products –
Wrapping Up

Now life has become more difficult than ever. We witness a new virus almost every year and some of them are killers. You can protect you and your family by cleaning and sanitizing your home regularly.

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