What Is the Cause of My Aircon Leak?

What Is the Cause of My Aircon Leak? Quality air is very important to enhance comfort at your home or premises. When seeking quality interior air, an air conditioner is an essential appliance. It works by removing heat from the interior space and moving it outside your house or room.

In tropical countries like Singapore, an aircon is necessary to enhance interior air quality due to the high temperatures. However, you need an efficiently working appliance to get the appropriate results, as leaking may reveal malfunction. We’ve got various things that may cause an aircon leak and affect its functionality or efficiency.

Read through the article to understand the major factors that may cause your aircon to leak!

1. Dirty Air filters

What Is the Cause of My Aircon Leak?

Dirty air filters may be the main cause of your aircon leaking. Many individuals neglect the air filters until they worsen, blocking the airflow and causing leakages in the air conditioner.

Dirty air filters may block your evaporator coil’s airflow, causing it to freeze. While the frozen air melts, you’ll realize water is leaking out of the conditioner. Therefore, when your aircon shows these signs, it’ll be imperative to conduct proper maintenance to unblock the dirty air filters in the appliance.

2. Extremely Cold Exterior Temperatures

Your aircon may also leak water due to a significant drop in the exterior temperatures. During the rainy seasons, there might be a drastic drop in exterior temperatures, which may cause your aircon to leak. Lower temperatures cause different aircon parts to freeze, leading to condensation.

Due to condensation, the time the appliance needs to dry water increases causing the condenser pan to fill with water and water overflow. You can prevent an aircon leak during this season by restricting its use until the weather stabilizes.

3. Improper Installation

Improper installation is a common cause of leaks in your new aircon. If you’ve got a faulty aircon installation, you may notice some water leakages from the appliance.

Therefore, when your new aircon leaks, it may be an incorrect installation, not the durian lines or filers. Thus, it’ll be imperative to check that the appliance is on a flat surface or that you’ve fitted the seals properly to prevent these leakages.

4. Clogged Drain Line

Experts reveal that clogged drain lines can be one of the popular reasons your aircon leaks. The drain line is a pipe receiving the condensate from drain pans and vaping the excess to the exterior.

With improper aircon cleaning practices, dirt in the air can clog this drain line. The clog causes backwater of water in the aircon’s drainage tray. You can diagnose this if your appliance leak starts at the back, and the best remedy is to call a professional aircon service expert to unclog it.

5. Poor Maintenance

Like other home appliances, it’s vital to maintain or service your aircon regularly and appropriately. Regular maintenance ensures optimal functioning and prevents leaking. You may realize an aircon leak if you don’t have proper maintenance and servicing.

Without proper aircon maintenance, dirt may clog different drain pipes in the appliance, condense, and later cause leaking. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure you properly maintain and clean your appliance.

6. Air Leak

Air leaks can also be a major cause of water leaking from your air conditioner. The installed air conditioner fails to get through the vent when the warm air enters. Failure of the air to get through the vent makes the moisture condense on the appliance’s refrigerant coils leading to the unit allowing water to seep out.

If you realize that warm air can’t pass through the vent, it’s necessary to seek proper servicing to repair or replace the vents to prevent leaking.

7. Frozen Evaporator Coils

What Is the Cause of My Aircon Leak?

When your aircon starts to leak, frozen evaporator coils may be the major cause. The conditions may occur when your refrigerator leaks or your coils overflow. The overflowing coils or refrigerator leakages may cause the appliance’s air filter to clog.

Clogged air filters result in water leaks from your aircon. You can open the aircon’s front panel to check whether there is the presence of an ice layer on the evaporator coils, which could further damage the compressor.

8. Broken Condenser Pump

Your aircon may leak water if the condenser pumps damage or wears off. The condenser pump is an essential aircon component below the appliance’s cooling oil.

It’s useful for pumping water out from the condenser pan. However, with improper serving and maintenance, dirt buildup may cause malfunction and damage to the aircon’s condenser pumps, leading to water leakages from the aircon. The water leakages and broken condenser pump may affect the aircon’s functionality and efficiency.

9. Lower Refrigerant Levels

What Is the Cause of My Aircon Leak?

Refrigerant coolants are essential parts of the air conditioner to cool the warm air and vape it out. If the appliance has enough gas, it’ll not blow the cold air, preventing it from condensing on the evaporator coils, making the aircon start leaking water. Apart from leaking water, you’ll notice some hissing sound and bubbling noise indicating that your aircon coolant is leaking. It’ll be vital to react swiftly and repair the issue.

10. Damaged Drain Pan

Experts reveal that a damaged drain pan is one of the main reasons for your aircon leaking. The drain pan is a vital component that plays an integral role in collecting condensate in the aircon. Nevertheless, when the condensate overflows in the drain pan, you may realize water leaks from the appliance.

Manufacturers make the drain pan from iron which is prone to rust and corrosion, major components that make the drain pan wear off. The corrosion and rust leave gaps on the drain pan resulting in water leakage from the pan.

What Is the Cause of My Aircon Leak?Wrapping Up

Air conditioners are essential home appliances that help improve air quality in your homes. However, an aircon leak may limit the proper functioning of these appliances.

Therefore, it’ll be imperative to understand the cause of the air conditioner leakages and find the appropriate solutions for the issues. The above are the top reasons why your aircon leaks. After identifying the cause, you can find qualified personnel to repair and maintain your appliance to ensure effective functionality and durability.

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