Where Can I Find Office Cleaning Lady?

An office needs professional Singapore commercial cleaning service to keep the work environment clean and neat. Fortunately there are many professional companies offering office such services in Singapore to help out small and big corporate and enterprises to run smoothly without having to bother with dust and garbage. The office cleaning ladies and staff to do a variety of cleaning jobs for your office.

Everyone knows the importance of keeping the working area as clean and tidy as possible and also hygienic to prevent spread of disease causing germs. This prevents employees from falling sick and seeking leave of absence. The best cleaning services offer whole office cleaning solutions with professionally trained cleaners and cleaning equipment without causing any damage to your office furniture, materials and surfaces. You can employ them whether you run an office, shop, showroom, centre offering tuition or child care services and more.

Cleaning staff usually sweep, vacuum and mop all floor areas. They clean exposed surfaces of furniture, fittings and fixtures. They also offer dedicated and hygienic toilet and bathroom cleaning services. If the office has a pantry area it is cleaned professionally and keeping hygiene in mind. A general cleaning of all office rooms. They remove garbage and trash. If the staff use cups and mugs these are cleaned too. Interior cleaning of glass panels, doors and windows. Any other specific chores requested are also attended to.

How to choose a professional cleaning agency who offer office cleaning ladies in Singapore?

1. Choose a professional service that offers A to Z of cleaning services so you can contract the office cleaning job to them and be free to carry out your regular duties at the office.

2. The cleaning agency usually offers a package of services on a day-to-day, 3-days a week, 4-days a week, monthly or yearly basis. Choose the package that best serves your office’s and employees interests.

3. Fix a time of the day or week that is most convenient for your office and employees and does not interfere with your daily routines and employees while they are seriously at work.

4. Choose a company that offers discrete and unobtrusive service whose presence is hardly noticed and who do not disrupt the office staff or work by being noisy, troublesome or talkative when important work is going on.

5. If your office does not generate too much waste and is relatively clean choose weekend cleaning services when the employees are away and offers a employee-free environment for the cleaning agency to do a thorough and professional cleaning job .

6. Cleaning maids and staff usually dust all the surfaces including table-tops, computer tables, chairs, furniture, window sills so you and your staff do not have to deal with dirt when you come in the mornings to work. See to it that the company you choose does a good job of it else report any shortcomings to the agency so they will inform the staff or replace them if they are not up to the standards required by you.

7. Office cleaning should include regular vacuum cleaning of the carpets, floors, upholstered sofas and chairs. Curtains and any other window treatments also needs to be cleaned with care to prevent dust and dirt from building up and causing allergies to employees.

8. The office cleaning companies usually also offer contracts on cleaning the air con and the vents and ducts to keep them working at peak efficiency. Ensure that your cleaning service cleans the filters regularly so your staff enjoy a clean working environment.

9. Office toilets and bathrooms also need to be professionally cleaned. If you have a large number of employees it is better to get them more frequently cleaned to keep the office free of bad odours and smells. Sinks and water coolers also need to be cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure employee healthy and safety.

10. Computers have become an integral and important part of the work environment. Dust and dirt clogs up the keyboards and monitors. Office cleaning agency should take special care to dust and clean these with special devices and soft cloth to ensure that the electronics work smoothly.

11. If there are any special electronic equipment that need specific type of cleaning inform the cleaning agency about it and ask them to ensure proper cleaning protocols to prevent any damage to the devices.

12. Bigger insects like spiders trap small insects in their webs. These also attract lizards and other pests. So, a regular and thorough cleaning of the walls and ceilings to prevent dirty cobwebs and insects from taking residence in office needs to be done by the cleaning staff.

13. Choose agencies that have cleaning staff who are skilled and motivated to do a good job. The better cleaning staff have a cheerful attitude and provide superior service and they try to live up to the customer’s expectations or even exceed it.

14. Pick agencies that recruit only the best employees, train them to work efficiently and hygienically and offer good working conditions for their staff. This in turn ensures that you get the best service as the cleaning staff are satisfied with their own employers and hence strive to provide the best service to you.

15. The office staff in charge for the cleaning agency should regularly inspect the work of the cleaning ladies to see that they are doing a good job. If they find any problems it should be reported immediately to agency sending the ladies to either replace them or ensure better service from them.

To find the best cleaning ladies who will do thorough job of keeping your office spic and span search the Internet for office cleaning services to get their contact details or check for advertisements in your local newspapers and in flyers that these companies regularly drop in your mail box. You can also get recommendations for good services from other offices in your building that use such services. Pick a reliable and professional company that has a good track of providing the best office cleaning services in your area. You can get this information from the testimonials and positive about a particular cleaning service. Only satisfied customers will provide positive feedback.

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