Why Choose Us To Disinfect Childcare Center?

Why Choose Us To Disinfect Childcare Center? Disinfection job implies much responsibility and experience because it includes the use of strong chemicals. If you use these agents negligently, they can harm your body.

Two places of special attention are child care centers and kindergartens. Many times, children do not understand the danger of strong disinfectants. They can try to taste them or put their hands soaked in a concentrated solution on their eyes.

This is why only a reliable cleaning company must receive permission to disinfect child care facilities. Here are 7 reasons why choose us to disinfect Childcare center?.

1. Safety

Why Choose Us To Disinfect Childcare Center?

The most important aspect of disinfecting a child care facility is safety. Our company understands that the interaction between children and strong chemicals can take place. This is why we use chemicals that are less harmful.

We prefer to work with hydrogen peroxide, rather than chlorine bleach. Bleach is a skin irritant having also a strong smell that can make children dizzy once they inhale it. Since children are more fragile than adults, chlorine bleach can even cause headaches and nausea.

To avoid all these unpleasant consequences, we choose such environment-friendly disinfectants as hydrogen peroxide. This agent kills bacteria and germs as efficiently as harmful disinfectants do.

At the same time, hydrogen peroxide does not fall behind in disinfection capacity. It destroys at ease bacteria and pathogens from surfaces, including carpets, windows, floors, and toys.

2. Reliability

Let’s recognize, you feel safer when choosing a cleaning company that has positive references from previous clients. While investigating our profile, you will see many positive reviews from our customers.

This indicates that the disinfections of child care centers that we performed in the past were reliable and safe. The fact that our previous clients are satisfied with us must motivate you to choose our service.

We have much experience, as we disinfected many child care facilities and know-how to do it with zero damage.

3. Service delivered immediately

Why Choose Us To Disinfect Childcare Center?

We know that a child care center can’t wait for months to receive the needed disinfection. If germs and bacteria remain to live on the surfaces, they put in danger the life of children. It can increase the risk of getting contaminated with a pathogen.

This is why we respond instantly to your request. The team arrives at the facility soon after we registered your call. The disinfection starts immediately to ensure that the health threat disappears as soon as possible.

4. High-quality equipment

At our company, we use a big variety of modern tools to make the process faster and more reliable. We use for carpets, windows and furniture surface sprays for disinfection and high pressure sterilization machines.

They help spread the disinfectant faster on the surfaces and speed up the death of harmful pathogens.

5. Trained and skilled staff

Why Choose Us To Disinfect Childcare Center?

Modern equipment is definitely not enough to ensure a high-quality disinfection. Without a highly-qualified team, the result will be negative. Luckily, our team consists of skilled experts that have much expertise in cleaning all kind of facilities.

What is more important, the team is fully trained in dealing with child care centers. Their experience allows them to perform the disinfection safely and exclude the damage for children.

Before starting the process, the experts investigate the area to identify the surfaces that are potentially a larger source of germs. After that, they proceed with the cleaning, paying special attention to the more affected areas.

6. High efficiency

Why Choose Us To Disinfect Childcare Center?

While having advanced equipment and a skilled team, we guarantee that 99,9% of viruses and bacteria die. Our professional staff handles the equipment accurately, so that it generates maximum efficiency.

The experts take their time to treat carefully each corner in the child care center. In addition, the strong formula from the disinfectants destroys the proteins in all viruses causing their immediate death.

At the same time, the formula does not affect the surfaces and is harmless to the human body.

7. Authorisation and quality certification

If you still doubt choosing us, you are here to know that our company is fully authorized by the competent bodies. Moreover, our techniques and equipment underwent all required tests that proved their efficiency and safety.

Our team has also skill certifications that confirm their participation in training.

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