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Why Hire Us As Your School Laundry Company

Schools, colleges, and universities make use of laundry company services on a regular basis. Uniforms and linens are common. The school administration knows that it is important to present their students and staff with quality products. In addition, it is paramount to make decisions, which boost productivity and at the same time lower operating costs. A good dry cleaning company offers schools and other learning institutions a number of benefits that help them run smoothly and improve the school’s profitability.

Why Hire Us As Your School Laundry Company

The following are some of the reasons to hire a reputable company:

Efficiency and productivity
Without use of the commercial laundry services, cleaning of the staff and student linens must be cleaned by your own staff. This process of sorting the linens, costumes and uniforms and loading them into washers, transferring to the dryers, ironing them, folding and packing them to the right space may be quite expensive. This is because; the whole process needs tremendous amount of water and energy. In addition, you will be required to purchase the chemicals, products, parts, machines and many more. In fact, this is one of the processes that require multiple employees working full time even for small schools. The process should also be done daily, or else the school operations come to standstill. It is advisable to outsource the task to commercial laundry service companies. This gives the school administration and employees spend days doing more important work that is worthy their time, skills, and money.

Save on utilities and helping the environment

In addition to cost of purchasing the supplies and equipment as well as repairing and maintaining the equipment, it is important to note that the machines will be using considerable less water and energy to operate. In this way, less amount of water will be discharged into the environment. By outsourcing your school dry cleaning work to a reputable company you are able to keep the school’s water and energy costs low.

Eliminating compliance concerns

One of the added benefits of outsourcing laundry services is to ensure that your student and staff uniforms are cleaned in accordance to the local authorities and OSHA regulations. A number of businesses and schools are required to meet specific cleaning guidelines. Unfortunately, failure to meet such guidelines proves to be very costly to the schools. When you outsource this type of work, you are able to avoid the costs and hassle associated with ensuring the uniforms and lines are cleaned to meet the set regulations.


Contrary to what is perceived by many people, services offered by a professional school laundry company are very cost-effective. When you hire a reputable company, you are able to save a lot of money, which could otherwise be used in purchase and maintaining expensive cleaning equipments. This will also help you save on money and space. When you do your own school laundry, you will need to purchase cleaning reagents. A reputable company is able to satisfy all your school’s laundry needs and at the same time keeping the operating costs low.

Convenient and efficient

A good company is very professional in their trade. For instance, they employ qualified and experienced staff to handle the clothes to ensure you get promising results. This is because they make use of cloth-friendly chemicals and reagents to remove even the toughest of stains. It does not matter whether it is food or grass stains on students’ clothes, grease on curtains, the company knows workaround on such stains. The staff uses their experience to remove all the stubborn stains and dirty without destroying delicate linens. Therefore, you are assured the uniforms will not lose their shape, fade their colors, or stretch and shrink.

It is important to note that cleaning of uniforms and other linens is not a simple job. This task requires time and energy. Unfortunately, this is what most Singaporeans lack. Therefore, schools need the services of a reputable company in this field. They will save students and staff a lot of time, which can be used on other important work. When you hire a company, it takes care of the whole process. It starts from collection, cleaning to delivery. Your work will only to specify the pickup days and your company will do the remaining donkey work. You do not need to make trips to laundry stores and thereby minimizing costs. Your work is to concentrate on school work.


It does not matter where your school is located in Singapore. A good company is able to fulfil all the cleaning needs. A professional company has excellent customer support, which you can contact at any given time, ask your questions or even get laundry service quote. Even during emergencies, their contact numbers and live chat systems are efficient. A professional school laundry company works with colleges and schools. It should provide flexible, reliable and personal linen and laundry service. You need a company that takes care of your college o school laundry and dry cleaning. In addition, the service provider should work closely with housekeeping team. This is important to ensure your students and your staffs have all they need. This can range from the crisp lab coats to the fluff gym towels. A good service provider will offer you flexibility that you need, whether it is last minute collection or quickly turn-around for select number of items.

It is important that the company you work with should not only launder, clean and deliver the laundry to the school, but arrange the items. It can also personalize them with your college and school names and logos. If you do require extra towels and linen in case of an emergence, they should provide you from their stock at a reasonable cost. Laundry service is integral part of managing a good school. This is because it helps keep daily operations to run smoothly. Before, contracting any company it is important to discuss their offer and pen down a contract with them. You should know what makes them stand out from the best. You should look at the quality features they have before making a decision.

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