Why It Is Wiser To Pay More Than To Risk Hiring Freelance Part Time Maid

Singaporeans find it very necessary to hire maid services. It is very hard for you to carry out all the cleaning works in the family while at the same time attend to office work. Have you hired the right maid? If your answer is yes, then count yourself lucky. For most people, getting a maid that will suitably provide assistance with little risks is very rare. If you are to look for one, then obviously expect a tough task. The first thing is usually to outline what your needs are. What follows is identifying the basis on which the person will operate. It is either on fulltime or on part time basis.

How do they operate?

If you hire a fulltime person, it will require them to stay in your house for a particular period of time stated. If it’s for about a year, then that’s it. But with part time maids, they only come at a particular time of the day or week. Some people tend to opt for the later simply because they offer great service due to the short duration taken in your house. Additionally, their services come at a lower cost as compared to full timers. If you thought so, then is time you sip your green tea, slowly, and read this article keenly to understand the risks you should expect. You will definitely find it more reasonable to dish more cash for fulltime service.


If you want to be in the mix with this form of service then it is vital to put you in a clear picture or the risks.

No time for cross checking

Most people have little time to ascertain that the documents are correct; if at all they are there. this is too risky as you are not able to check the background of your maid to be. They be charge lower prices for the service but it is very important the kind of person you are entrusting your house to.

Not sure of the service quality

You know what you need, but this option may not make you understand the abilities of the person you hiring. It forces a person to offer benefit of doubt for some few days. During that short period, the true colors may not surface. But with continued visits to the house, complications will arise. May be you have this question in your mind.

Is hiring a part time maid legal in Singapore?

NO! That is obviously impossible in the country. Why? You might be very surprised, but the naked truth is that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is strictly against it. If you do so, then be ready for consequences and complications accompanying this illegal act. You may say, “but their services are superb!” they may be, but as long as it is prohibited, don’t risk. It will suitably place you in line with tough penalties. If you check on the law provisions, it simply states that the maid works for that employer who applied for his/her work permit thus the worker has no right to get involved in part time duties.

Don’t think it’s strict for nothing. The regulations are enforced to ensure unwanted complications are prevented. If allowed, this would create conducive environment for maid exploitation by the employers. Furthermore, employee’s well being would be at risk while the security of the employer’s property would be equally at risk. If you choose to disobey the law, then just know expect to dance with the devil.

What should you do if it’s unlawful?

To some people, their financial muscles are not flexible enough to help them hire full time service. This may also be due to the little work which only calls for part time service. This culminates into a circus as you may be in need of the service, but you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law. Relax, there is a solution. Opt for the registered and accredited cleaning companies. Most of them are responsible enough to follow the set rules to ensure you get efficient and licensed cleaners. Asking for a work permit will surely help operate within the law boundaries.

Finally, it is advisable to opt for the professional companies as they can check maid’s background before allocating them to you. It is also vital to be aware of the illegality in hiring freelance part time services from foreign counties. Most of them will not have legal permits. This will do no good other than flirting with danger itself. It is very important to be keen always to prevent inviting danger to your house. Always remember, the more expensive, the more efficient! Hope you will make a lawful decision!

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