Why More Singaporeans Are Choosing Part Time Maids?

Most of the working Singaporeans prefer to hire a maid for their household chores as they do not have time to cleaning and organize their home after a long hectic working day. But instead of hiring full time maid most of the working women in Singapore prefer to hire part time maids due to various reasons. Some of these reasons are briefly discussed here under for your information 

No need of food and lodging facility : When you hire a part time maid then you need not provide her food or lodging facility like a full time maid. You only have to pay her according the time spent by her in your home to work for you. 

No need to permit stranger to live with you: If you do not want a stranger to live with you in your home in Singapore then instead of hiring full time maid it is preferable to hire part time maids. 

Less expensive: A part time maid is much less expensive than a full time maid as in the long run the cost of maintaining full time maid becomes too expensive due to fulfilling her necessities like food and lodging etc.

Less abusive to your children:
 Usually it is observed that full time maid behaves weirdly not only with your children but also with your guests. They also bring strangers and unacknowledged people in your home in your absence, even without your permission. All such things have reduced the credibility of full time maids. Though you can still find good full time maid but due to their lesser number part time maids are preferred in Singapore these days. 

Reducing number of local maids:
 These days Singaporean maids are rarely available as most of the maids available are from various other countries like Indonesia or Philippines etc. So it becomes difficult to rely on these maids for full time as there can be chances of child abuse and other such unwanted things. This is another valid reason to prefer a part time maid instead of a full time maid.

Difficult to manage for the elderly people:
 It can be difficult for the elderly people in the family to manage with full time maids due to lack of their command on fluent English. 

Cultural difference:
 The habits and cultural of the maids from different countries cannot match with that of Singaporean people which makes it difficult for them to coup with full time maids. They can make several mistakes while doing household chores while living there for the whole day. But when part time maid is hired then she will work for a limited time in your home which can be managed somehow or the other.

Easy to hire part time maid: 
It is very easy to manage part time maids in Singapore because you neither have to pay deposits nor have to apply for the list of licensed maids to choose from. You can find a part time maid as per your requirement just by calling a part time maid company. You can feel relaxed to see the transformation of your home within a very short time period. 

Benefits of hiring part time maids 

Hiring part time maids in Singapore provide various benefits to the Singaporeans like:

 By hiring a part time maid you can be free to focus on more important things related to your business or family instead of focusing only on organizing your home. You can enjoy this freedom by spending more time with your family and friends as your domestic works will be handled by your maid. 

Improved productivity: 
Your productivity gets influenced if you live in a cluttered home. It is because some things are becoming unmanageable due to your negligence. You can easily coup with your life in Singapore by hiring a part time maid. When you will return to a clean and tidy home after a hectic working day then it will automatically improve the level of your energy which will insist you to do more productive things. 

Piece of Mind: 
In Singaporean lifestyle you have to remain active in various outside activities including your work which can make you worried about keeping your home clean due to lack of time. But you can always have peace of mind after hiring a part time maid as you find your home clean whenever you return from your outside obligations. You need not worry about your cluttered home even if your business associate or friends visit you unexpectedly. Moreover you can complete the task on your hand peacefully without any tension of rushing to your home to clean it. 

These days having part time maids in the home to take care of daily chores is also considered as status symbol by many Singaporeans, especially for those who are involved in the world of business. It not only shows your improved productivity but also your goal focused attitude to your associates, family and friends. In this way you can lead a good life by having a part time maid.

You can also improve the economy of your home by hiring a part time maid than a full time maid as former is less expensive than latter one in many ways. Moreover, as compared to the value of time you spend in cleaning your home the cost of a part time maid can be much less. You can spend this time in more productive works at your workplace. A professional maid, whether she is part time or full time, can clean your home more efficiently and quickly than you as they are trained for such things. 

So, for the reasons discussed in this write-up more and more Singaporeans are choosing part time maids these days. But while choosing a part time maid you should choose them carefully. You should spend some time online to search only for reliable and reputed cleaning service providers in Singapore who have long standing in the service market to find a suitable part time maid. It will help you in saving lots of your time and efforts by paying her as per the services provided by her.

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