11 Tricks To Spring Clean Your Condo

A condo is a nice place that deserves to be clean always. Cleanliness makes a house look fabulous, adorable and attractive. Most of the people tends to wipe their houses but spring cleaning your condo is the best method to remove all the dirt, dust, and stains. The quality of a good home is first determined by how neat the rooms are. Below are the tricks to spring clean your condo to make it superb and adorable.

• Always disinfect the rooms

Germs are attributed to dirt and hence it is advisable to disinfect your condo. Always ensure that you have disinfected all the areas to ensure uniformity in the house. Some of the bad odor are caused by the bacteria due to inhabitation of bacteria in the room. Once the room is off the germs there is fresh air that circulates in. look for the best disinfectants that will also give a good scent to the room. 

• Dust off your dishes thoroughly

One of the key areas that most people tend to forget is dusting off their dishes. Cleanliness start in the kitchen as it is extended in other areas. Most people think that since they have placed their utensils in the cabinets, they think they are clean all the time. No, this is not the case, utensils in the cabinets gain a lot of dust and hence the need to dust them off. Clean even the cabinet itself thoroughly and ensure you reach all the corners.

• Arrange all your reading and writing materials

In most of the condos, you will find magazines, notebooks and other writing and reading materials placed on the tables. This makes the room look disorganized. Ensure that all the clutter is collected and placed where it is supposed to be. You can arrange the writing materials in one part and the notebooks in another part. Shift the materials that you are not using to another place so as to ease the load on your table. This will also ensure that your materials are always well organized than when they were too many.

• Clear all your drawers

Drawers are among the places that many people tend to forget when carrying out their spring cleaning. Know that with time dust accumulates in the drawers making your clothes look dusty and un kept. Select all the clothes that are undersized or you are not using and remove them from the drawer. This will make the drawer look neat and well arranged. It will also ensure that the room remains clean since you will be left with the clothes that you wear frequently. Arrange your clothes so that it will be easy to locate any 
clothe you require when you are in a hurry.

• Clean the headboard 

The headboard is among the furniture that most of the people tend to forget. They usually think that the heating and air conditioning have sucked all the dust and hence it’s clean always. Ensure that all the crevices are cleaned up. After some years, the headboard can lose its shininess and hence the need to vanish it by spraying moisturizing agents to make it look new and neat. Doing this will ensure you have spent your springtime in your bedroom well and comfortable. 

• Clean up your pantry

This is one of the rooms that is supposed to be super clean in your condo. This is because it carries your food and also the utensils that are required to be clean for a healthy person. Remove all the perishable and expired goods that have started to go off. This will ensure that the pantry has a fresh air always. Clean the area thoroughly and dry it off before you can place your food stuff again. You should also remove the cereals that have not been used for a long time.

• Use cleaning materials

One of the advantages of using cleaning materials is that they are able to suck the dust more than just wiping. Using machines like vacuum suckers will help you dust off the parts that you might be unable to reach. Machines will also make you clean your condo faster hence saving you a considerable amount of time. Spring cleaning is done irregularly or once in a while and hence it’s good to incorporate all the methods of cleaning. 

• Try to bring new things

Spring cleaning incorporates change of things. You might previously be using the some scents in your bathroom but after cleaning it you can choose another different floral scent. This will bring a new feeling in the place. You can use bathroom cleaner that is fresh smelling. 

• Put your focus on places that are hard to reach during normal cleaning

During spring cleaning, you are supposed to reach all the places especially those that one cannot reach during normal cleaning. Some of those places include under the fridge, window moldings, top of the oven hood and other places. List them so that you do not forget to clean them. Those are places that accumulate the dirt with time.

• Start cleaning the outside

Most of the people cleans up their condo inside and they forget outside. Start to clean you house outside and especially the widows so that by the time you will clean the inside part of it will look nice and adorable. The outdoor part of cleaning gives even the visitor of the first impression of the house. 

• Suck the dust first

It’s unhealthy to work in a dusty place. Before cleaning your home using some water ensure that you wipe off the dust. This can be done using the vacuum sucker since it will suck all the dust even in the unreachable places. This will make you clean your condo as fast as you can. It will also make it easier since your will not need to pour water but just to use a wet rag. 

• Use glass cleaners to enhance your cleanliness 

Cleaning window glass using just wet rag will never make them pretty clean. Make use glass cleaners to make your window clean and shiny. The machine makes the glass look adorable and removes all the stains that are stuck there.

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