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Are you looking to get your home fresh and sparkling with professional cleaning services to mark the end of the gloomy season? Look no further. As the weather shifts from gloomy, cool, and dreary to sunny, beautiful, and warm in Singapore; spring cleaning comes to the minds of many.

During the gloomy weather, you might find cleaning not to be a very attractive option. By the end of the cool season, the house is dusty, dirty, and unhygienic. As the sunshine starts getting its way into your house, there is a need for a sparkling clean home; one that will signify the new beginning. Nobody wants to be enjoying the warm, sunny weather in a dusty and dirty environment.

Spring cleaning used to be a tradition that brought families in Singapore together to do a thorough cleaning; from top to bottom of the home. However, with the busy lifestyle in Singapore, this tradition is slowly being forgotten. But this does not mean the end of spring cleaning. Your home still needs a cleaning makeover to welcome the warm season and to ensure that you enjoy the warmth and the sun.

Expert cleaners are making it possible for people to do the annual thorough cleaning without having to disrupt their schedules.

At Absolute Cleaning, you do not have to worry about spending the entire day cleaning every corner of your home. An expert cleaner will ensure that your home is sparkling clean in just a few hours; you don’t even have to be present to get the work done. How amazing is that?

Professionally, trained, experienced, and equipped cleaners will take care of your home and turn it from dusty to sparkling and hygienic. The spring cleaning will ensure that your home is deep cleaned; from the kitchen, bathroom, living areas, bedroom, as well as dining-room among other areas.

Kitchens are among the most sensitive areas; grills and ovens need degreasing, while microwaves, fridges, cookers, and surfaces need cleaning. The result of this kind of deep cleaning will entice you to experiment with numerous recipes for the warm season.

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The bathroom spring cleaning is also critical, as the showers need descaling and the bathroom tiles require a thorough scrub. High hygiene areas such as the toilet will be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly. Even the often forgotten areas, such as stairs and hidden surfaces, will be cleaned professionally. Do not worry about vacuuming or carpet cleaning; our professionals have everything in mind.

Since there is an increasing demand for spring cleaning services by professionals in Singapore, many cleaning companies have mushroomed. You will find many companies online hence making it very important for you to be able to identify the right company that will satisfy all your cleaning needs. At Absolute Cleaning, we offer intricate and comprehensive cleaning services that will make you come back for more.

Furthermore, we place emphasis on customer satisfaction; apart from the 24-hour open calling line, you will meet friendly professionals who will walk you through all your spring cleaning needs to ensure you get the most out of the cleaning experience.

Comprehensive Scope of Spring Cleaning Work

Spring cleaning goes beyond the surface, tackling areas often overlooked in everyday cleaning routines. This bi-annual cleaning ritual ensures the hygiene and freshness of your home are maintained. Let’s explore the exhaustive cleaning scope of @bsolute Cleaning.

Living Room and Bedroom CleaningIn your living spaces, we perform a detailed sweep, dusting every surface from top to bottom and reaching hidden corners. Our experts carefully clean air-conditioning exteriors and filters within reachable height, using a ladder if necessary. We also clean your windows’ interior, frames, and sills, and dispose of any collected rubbish. Furthermore, we perform meticulous sofa cleaningcarpet cleaning, hoovering, mopping, and dusting of floors and skirting boards. We also ensure your light fixtures and ceiling fans are wiped and cleaned.

Kitchen Deep CleaningIn your kitchen, our service extends from dusting and wiping surfaces, cabinet exteriors, countertops, sinks, and taps, to degreasing your cooker hood and hob. We clean the exteriors of your appliances, including your oven and stove. Our service also includes hoovering and mopping hard surfaces and tiles, cleaning the interior surfaces of empty cabinets, and wiping fingerprints off all woodwork, door frames, and switch plates. Additionally, we provide a deep clean for the interior and exterior of your refrigerator.

Bathroom Sanitisation: In your bathrooms, we ensure thorough cleaning of the toilet bowls, basins, and taps. We also apply an anti-bacterial coating to the glass and mirrors. The cleaning process includes clearing floor and wall tiles, including drains, and deep cleaning your bathtub and shower areas. We hoover, mop, and clean the bathroom floor, paying extra attention to dust boards. Our cleaners will scrub and wash toilet floors and walls to ensure high levels of hygiene. Similar to other rooms, we also dust ceiling fans, and light fixtures, and remove fingerprints from the woodwork, door frames, and switch plates.

Hiring our spring cleaning services is hiring quality, professional, and dependable cleaning. Call us today!

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