4 Ways To Clean Your Carpet Naturally

Looking for ways to clean your carpet naturally? A fresh-looking, spotless carpet has a big role in keeping and making a house look cleaner and inviting. However, because of the combination of heavy traffic at home from children and pets, maintaining a carpet clean deems to be a great challenge to moms. There are myriads of variety when it comes to carpet cleaners and even your nearest convenience store has them on their shelves.

Although carpet cleaners are effective in removing dirt, they can leave your house stinking with a strong smell for a long duration of hours and it could also cause discoloration and damage to the carpets, curtains, and sofas. The only way that we see now is to clean your carpets in the most natural way which is by using natural remedies.

The usage of such will not only help keep your home free from chemicals but it is also very easy on the pocket. We have listed below the most natural carpet cleaning methods to help you preserve your home’s cleanliness. 

First Natural Carpet Cleaning Remedy: Vacuum

Vacuum carpet frequently
Vacuum carpet frequently

One of the most effective natural methods in keeping all your carpets clean is by vacuuming frequently. Vacuums help remove dirt in carpets and take away even the minutest sand particles that have long been embedded in the depths of your carpet. It is also a great way in preventing carpet fibers from accumulating dirt quickly.

Vacuums for carpet cleaning works most efficiently in high traffic areas like the hallways, living rooms, and entrance ways. The carpets that are situated in the fancy guest parlor or the storage room require less vacuuming for about once or twice in two weeks or only as needed because they are less prone to traffic in the house.

Second Natural Carpet Cleaning Remedy: Cleaning Solutions

Using baking soda for carpet cleaning
Using baking soda for carpet cleaning

*Baking Soda- Baking soda is a famous natural remedy as it is not only effective, but it also gets rid of any funny smell that are caused by spilled food, pet odor or multiple years of feet traffic in the carpet. Using baking soda is also eco-friendly and very inexpensive. It is a safe solution even in the presence of both pets and children.

Step one: Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before applying the baking soda solution. 

Step two: If you don’t want to use the baking soda solution which is one part baking soda and two parts water, you can just sprinkle the baking soda directly to the carpet and do it liberally in the areas that require thorough cleaning.

Step three: Use a dry scrub brush or sponge in scrubbing the baking soda deep beneath the carpet fibers.

Step four: Make sure kids and pets stay off the carpet and let the baking soda soak for up to 12 hours. 

Sponge in scrubbing the baking soda deep beneath the carpet fibers.
Sponge in scrubbing the baking soda deep beneath the carpet fibers.

Step five: Vacuum the baking soda solution the next day.

*White Vinegar- White vinegar is the go-to natural remedy in getting rid of smelly and tough stains in most households. It is especially used to those caused by pets as the vinegar has a deodorizing property that is great in helping tackle stains and in keeping carpets maintain its clean and fresh look.

If you decide to choose white vinegar as a carpet cleaning solution, make sure to dilute it with water otherwise the carpet fibers would get damaged and for sure you wouldn’t want that. Just remember that although the rooms would smell like vinegar when you’re cleaning, the odor would completely disperse as soon as your carpet dries. For a cleaning solution, combine equal parts of white vinegar and water and then add the solution into a carpet steamer.

For carpet spot cleaning, combine equal parts of liquid soap and baking soda with vinegar. Mix them together and spray the mixture to the stains. Have it sit for about six to eight hours. After it dries, blot it using a clean cloth until all stains have disappeared. One tip that you have to remember: the best way in treating stains from food and drink spills or pet accidents is by cleaning them as soon as they happen. It reduces the chance for it to allow the stain in setting unto the carpet fibers.

Borax carpet cleaning
Borax carpet cleaning

Third Natural Carpet Cleaning Remedy: Borax

Borax contains natural occurring minerals that are eco-friendly. The use of borax is common and one of the best natural remedies in cleaning liquid spills such as wine, juices and coffee. It also takes away stains and neutralizes pet’s urine odor.

Step one: Blot stains using a clean cloth – this helps in lifting the stain and prevents it from spreading. 

Step two: Spray cold water and then top it off with borax above the spot.

Step three: Lay a cold cloth on top of where you sprinkled borax.

Step four: Press the cloth with a spoon’s curved side to allow the borax to work on the spot. 

Step five: Continue blotting until the spilled liquid is lifted from the carpet.

Step six: Clean the borax completely and spray cold water. Rinse until it is clean.

Step seven: Place layers of paper towel above the treated area to absorb the remaining liquid. Put a heavy object on top of it.

Step eight: Remove paper towels and allow the area to dry before vacuuming,

For carpet cleaning using Borax: combine equal parts of borax, vinegar, and salt to make a cleaning paste. Apply the mixture into the carpet stains and rub it in. Allow drying before cleaning off using a vacuum. 

Fourth Natural Carpet Cleaning Remedy: Salt

Using salt for carpet cleaning
Using salt for carpet cleaning

Salt contains deodorizing and cleaning agents that not just help carpets in staying clean and unsoiled but also keep smelling fresh.

To remove the grease stains naturally, rub the carpet with a mixture made up of one part salt and four parts rubbing alcohol.

To remove dried wine stains on the carpet, wet the area until there is moisture in the carpet. Blot it all out and sprinkle affected areas with salt. Let the salt sit for a maximum of 20 minutes and as soon as the salt absorbs remaining wine stain, it should turn pink. By the time it does, clean the area with a mixture of one-third cup vinegar and two-thirds cup of water. 

Natural remedies for carpet cleaning are the safest and most economical ways in maintaining carpets. Choose between the four natural cleaning methods stated above and you will have a smelling fresh and spotlessly clean carpet at all times.

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