5 Common Misconceptions On Carpet Cleaning

Misconceptions have plagued our society for centuries. Carpet cleaning might seem like an unlikely candidate for misconceptions but it has not escaped it. A clean and well maintained carpet can greatly improve the appearance of a room. However, to keep a carpet clean and in good condition cleaning has to be a frequent and regular activity. The method and equipment that you use in cleaning your carpet contribute greatly to the life of your carpet. Many things should be taken into consideration in order to keep your carpet clean and in mint condition for a longer period. However, most of us have misconceptions about carpet care and maintenance that end up worsening the condition of your carpet. Here are 5 of the most common misconceptions about carpet cleaning:

· Cleaning your carpet frequently contributes to its deterioration

Carpets often receive the worst of it when it comes to dirt, from food and food stains to dust and dirt. Depending on your lifestyle your carpet might not look dirty especially if your carpet is not subjected to frequent spills. This does not however mean that your carpet is clean. Dirt tends to integrates and grinds with the fibres of your carpet every time you step on it, due to its abrasive nature the dirt will cut your carpet just like a knife would. This results in the deterioration of your carpet with the fibres becoming fewer and fewer. Vacuuming might seem like a solution but not entirely as it will remove some of the dirt but not entirely you therefore need to get your carpet cleaned to ensure there is no residual dirt. Depending on your lifestyle your carpet needs to be cleaned every six to eighteen months, this ensures that you carpet is not damaged by furniture or acquire permanent stains while reducing the damage done by dirt.

· Carpet cleaning sole purpose is to clean out dirt

Carpets carry with them much more than just dirt. Their absorbent nature allows them to take almost everything in the environment they are in. This makes a dirty carpet much more dangerous than it would seem especially if you suffer from various allergic reactions. Carpets have the ability to absorb cigarette smoke, bacteria, fungus, pollen, car exhaust fumes and any other chemicals it is subjected to. Lying down on your carpet or coming into frequent contact with your carpet could bring about infections and allergic reactions especially to persons with asthma or breathing problems and allergies. This makes frequently cleaning your carpet more of a pressing necessity.

· All cleaning products are made the equal

Most people are guilty of going into a retail store and picking out any cleaning product as long as it bears the name “carpet cleaning product”. This is completely wrong as the products you use to clean your carpet could either determine the longevity of your carpet or hasten its deterioration. You need to determine the PH level that properly suits your carpet and pick a product that matches this. The product then needs to be properly diluted according to instructions. It is important to note the PH of a product is determined before dilution as the water evaporates leaving only the product in its original PH. You can therefore proceed to using the correct product according to the instructions given. The variety of cleaning products in the market today are geared towards ensuring that all your needs are optimally cared for from traffic, soiling to carpet construction. This ensures that your carpet is properly cared for as long as you pick the appropriated product. If you have no idea what you carpet needs ask a professional or simply go online and find out what carpet of that nature needs. The easiest way of knowing how to properly care for your carpet is to ask the sales person at the point of purchase to ensure you gain proper value from the carpet.

· Any cleaning method will do the trick

This emphasizes the point that not all carpets are the same. Carpets have different colours and textures but they are also made using different materials and methods. This makes them not only sensitive to different products as emphasized above but also require different cleaning methods and techniques for preservative measures and to ensure that they are properly cleaned.

Cleaning methods range from steaming, hot water extraction to dry compound cleaning, it is best to consult a professional on the appropriate cleaning method for your specific carpet. You should then ensure that it is cleaned using this method each time. Restorative cleaning methods are another option one can take especially if you have not taken care of your carpet as well as you should as you get a combination of carpet cleaning combined with restorative measure to restore your carpet to its previous condition.

· All carpet cleaning service providers are the same

Competition in the business environment it very cut throat and carpet cleaning has not been left behind. There are numerous carpet cleaners that you can use and while they might seem the same they are indeed not. Choosing a carpet cleaner should not be based on price alone but other factors including their knowledge and capabilities to properly and effectively clean your specific type of carpet. You should carefully research a company to find out more on their track record and customer satisfaction rating. You should also ensure they are certified as carpet cleaning professionals as an indicator of their capabilities.

Cleaning your carpet in the appropriate manner will ensure its longevity. Today carpets come with stain resistant warranties. This is obviously a great advantage to many carpet owners but improperly cleaning your carpet can damage the qualities. This limits the life and performance of your carpet which in turn makes your warranty void as the product was not faulty you have damaged the product. This makes carpet cleaning misconceptions and mistakes very costly as a good carpet will cost you a pretty penny thus limiting its performance and life will necessitate the purchase of another costly carpet.

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