6 Myths On Aircon Servicing

Air conditioners are not a luxury in a country as hot as Singapore. It is an utmost necessity. It is difficult to lead a contented and peaceful life without an air conditioner and it is not possible to give the best in the office without an air conditioner. If air conditioners are part and parcel of a Singaporean’s life, is it not important to install, maintain and repair them properly? Yes, it is compulsory to get the services of a professional Aircon servicing company to keep your air conditioner in a perfect condition. Some people are reluctant to do so because they believe in some myths. What are they? 

Aircon servicing myth #1 –
Right location is not needed for the proper functioning of an air conditioner.

Many people believe that they do not need the advice of a professional to locate the right place for installing the air conditioner. They believe that the functioning of the air conditioner will be the same wherever it is installed. It is not true. There are a few factors to be considered. For example, an aircon installed near a television or electric light or any other heat remitting appliances may reduce the efficiency and increase the power consumption. You should also make sure that your air conditioner is not located in a place where it receives direct sunlight. If you get the services of a professional, you can utilize his professional knowledge and experience to find the right location. This can help in faster cooling of the room and reduction of your electricity bills. 

Aircon servicing myth #2 –

Buying an energy saving unit alone can reduce power consumption. 

It is an unarguable fact that energy saving units can help in saving money spent on electric bills. This fact turns out to be false if the air conditioner is not serviced and maintained regularly. Dust and dirt can affect the efficient functioning of your air conditioner. An air conditioner clogged with dust and dirt can increase the power consumption considerably. Aircon servicing is compulsory. Moreover, you have to choose the correct size and install it in the right place. All these things joined together can surely help in reduction of power bills. This is the real truth. 

Aircon servicing myth #3
The installation of all air conditioners are the same. 

The installation changes depending upon the design of the aircon, the type of condenser, air filtration, environmental factors, modes, features and many more. You cannot expect your aircon to give its best if you install it without considering these factors. A professional is sure to know how to install your aircon to make sure it gives its best. 

Aircon servicing myth #4 –

There is no need for service or maintenance if the unit is running
Poor maintenance can result in clogging of filter and accumulation of dust etc. Regular aircon servicing at periodic intervals is important to get the best from your air conditioner. Enter a contract with an aircon servicing company to avoid this problem. 

Aircon servicing myth #5 –

You just have to consider the size of the room before buying an air conditioner. 

This is not true. There are many factors that include insulation quality of the wall and ceiling, materials used for construction of the room, height of the ceiling, location of electric appliances in the room, location of the furniture, size of outdoor units and many more. All these factors should be analyzed carefully before buying an air conditioner. Your knowledge may be limited and you may mistakes. You may regret your decision in the long run. If you want to make the right decision, you have to get the services of a Singapore servicing company. 

Airicon servicing myth #6 –

The filters need not be changed if the unit is functioning. 

The filters must be replaced regularly even if the unit is running. Filters need to be cleaned and replaced frequently if the air conditioner is in constant use or if it is exposed to dust or if you have pets with fir at home. When and how can you know that it is time to replace filters? There is no other option other than getting the services of an aircon servicing company in Singapore. 

Now that you know the facts about myths I am sure you realize that aircon servicing is important for installing, maintaining and servicing an aircon. Make sure you go to the best aircon servicing to make sure that you are not cheated and to make sure that your aircon gets the best care and attention. If you want the best, do consider Singapore Aircon Servicing. It has received good testimonials and you can be sure that it is reliable.

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