What Are Some Basic Things That Homeowners Can Do To Keep Their Rugs Clean?

Rugs are used in Singapore for household use to give them a feel of elegance. Though there soft and warm touch give you a cozy feel but to get this feel for long time you have to take care of their preservation and cleaning. There are certain things which you can do to maintain your rugs. The rug cleaning tips given in this article can help you in keeping you rugs fresh and clean for long. 

Tips to keep the rugs clean

 Avoid using shoes on the rugs: Your shoes carry lots of dirt and debris from outside. It can spoil your rugs if the shoes are not kept away from it. You can also use a heavy-duty door mat to clean your shoes and feet while entering into your rug laid home to keep it clean for long. 

 Vacuum it regularly: By regularly vacuuming your rugs you can keep away the build-ups created by the atmospheric dirt and dust. You can also make rug cleaning convenient by using robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market these days.

 Clean the spill stains calmly at once: If you leave the spill stains on your rug to be cleaned later on then they will accumulate more dirt and dust on it and create a permanent stain. Moreover you should clean these stains calmly as ruthless cleaning can spread the stain to its other parts instead of removing them. So you keep your rug fresh and clean by cleaning the stains calmly as soon as possible.

 Avoid wicking: Sometimes cleaned stains reappear on your rug after some time. It is due to pooling of the washed liquid within the rug. It happens when the cleaning water is not removed completely from your rug. This water again appears on its surface through its fibers. So after cleaning the stain you should press a thick towel on your rug with some heavy object for few hours so that it may soak away all of its moisture and make it dry and clean. 

 Avoid using hot iron or hair dryer to dry your rug: Sometimes people use hair dryers or hot iron to dry up the stain caused by any liquid on their rugs quickly. Instead of drying the stain it helps in making the stain permanent on your rug.

 Steam clean your rug occasionally: If the rug in your home receives frequent traffic then you should steam clean it at least every half yearly. Though you can hire professional cleaner for it but if you want to do it yourself then you can also hire or purchase steam cleaner available in the market. 

Test the chemical before use: 
If you are using some chemical rug cleaner to clean stubborn stains from it then you should first test it on some of its hidden spot of the rug. You should use the chemical only if it does not harm the texture and colors of your rugs. 

 Thus you can keep your rug clean in Singapore by following the rug cleaning tips provided in this article. 

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