Can Domestic Full Time Maid work as Part Time Maid?

All of us are in need of some extra domestic help to ensure that our work is done at an effective rate which is pocket friendly. Whether you want a full time maid or just part time maid, it entirely depends on the laws of your country. However, if you want to hire a cleaner or maid in Singapore, you should contact the professional cleaning companies. Usually, people are confused if they can hire the full time maid or the part time maid. Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has strict laws regarding hiring the maid. 

Facts about hiring the part time maid

When you hire part time maids for household chores, you need to do a little bit of research. Part time maids will not only help in cleaning but will also serve many other purposes.

•Hire from professional industries

Finding a part time maid in Singapore can be a difficult task and hence it is necessary to take some external help from professional cleaning services. This is because they need to follow the legal laws and regulations. They need to have the work permit for offering your services. 

•Charges vary based on weekday and weekend

The lawful part time maid usually charges higher during weekends than the weekdays. Because they work on weekends while everyone is on rest. Also, they are available at home and can offer services. They also charge by the hour.

•Ministry of Manpower is very strict

As a homeowner, you need to abide by the laws, but many people often fail to meet the laws. If you fail to meet the regulations of MOM, you may need to be punished. Therefore, before hiring one, you should conduct thorough lawful research. This will help you save money. 

•The climate is hot and humid

The climate of Singapore is hot and humid which makes dust to settle down on windows quick. Therefore, in situations like this, you will need a helper. You can hire a part time maid who can help you keep your house clean, and allow you to conduct routine chores.

•Part time maid charges are less expensive

Many people prefer saving their money by not taking any external help. However, the part time maids can help you save money rather than the full-time maids. Therefore, you can save money against full-time maids.

Is it legal to hire part time maids?

If you are looking for a part time maid, you should consider looking if they have the work permit or not. Most people prefer hiring the part time maids over the full time maids to save money and to ensure privacy. You can hide part time maids from local as well as foreign countries. However, the permit can have an effective impact. But you should know that a full time working maid cannot be hired as a part time maid for anyone else, as per the law of MOM. The exceptions might be there, based on the type of duty you do.

How to know you are working with the legal maid?

If you are hiring the part time maid from any legal company, the first thing you should ask for is their license. This will also help you understand that their employees are legal as well. However, even if they show you the license, you need to check their permit cards. If you are hiring any foreign maid, you need to check with their legal services. If you do not follow the rules, MOM May withdraw the work permit and imply fine on employer and maid. If your part time maid has cleared all the requirements, you can hire the maid.

•Benefits of hiring part time maid in Singapore

When you are hiring a part time maid in Singapore, you will need to check a lot of things. However, it can be extremely beneficial for you as well.

•Freedom to Focus

Most of the times, we have a difficult time dealing with keeping the house clean. The part time maid can help you keep your house clean and thereby allow you to focus on all the things. 

•Peace of Mind

The lifestyle of Singapore is extremely comfortable. Homeowners have a tough time balancing the life between work and home. Thus, a part time maid can help you with all the service and make you look at your house clean. Therefore, your part time maid can help you with a lot of things.


A cluttered house can have a negative impact on your productivity. Therefore, if you want to enhance the productivity of yourself, you should focus on improving the quality of living. If your house is clean, you can focus on your work properly and thus you can focus on yourself.


Many people in Singapore, people also consider having a maid as a status of living. Having a maid will help you stay ahead of your potential competitors. It is a sign that you are living a good life. 

Things to consider while hiring a part time maid


Part time maids in Singapore are available at an effective rate and can be hired at $18-35 per hour. You can also hire them via any company. While full-time maids in Singapore are very expensive as they charge $450-750. They need to pay monthly levy, accommodation and food too.

•Hiring charge

The charge for hiring the professionals may vary, so you need to check with them. Whether you are hiring independently or through any company, you should prefer interviewing hem. Apart from that, you should prefer checking with the MOM paperwork. You may as well hire maids with the help of expats.


The part time maids are very responsible and help you get the best work. As an employer, you may need to pay some charge for Employer’s Orientation Programme to complete the role. If you want to know more about it, you should visit the official website of MOM. 


You need to give off to the part time maids, which may comprise of Sunday or the public holidays. Apart from that, if you are hiring from foreign lands, you should offer them a two week holiday. As per the MOM laws of January 2013, you need to give one day holiday each week to the part time holidays. 

As a hirer, you should comply with the Singapore laws and make sure that you meet the requirements of the MOM law. Hiring a maid is extremely beneficial in today’s world, and therefore you should check with the laws. A full time maid cannot be hired as a part time, or you will be charged for it. The rules of MOM are very strict and a maid and employer should not violate it.

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