CNY Spring Cleaning Checklist

Many people look forward to the spring season since it is the ideal weather for during a wide diversity of things. In fact, some parents look forward to getting out in the fresh air so that they can enjoy all kind of outdoor activities with their families. Other parents may look at spring for a different reason, and that is to throw out the old stuff and bring in the new things that will make the home more comfortable for everyone to live in. Regardless to the reason and personal preference, spring is the perfect time for enjoying outdoor activities and letting the fresh air in the home. 

With this said, for those parents that want to begin their spring cleaning projects, there are some things that they can do to make these activities more doable and efficient for the entire family. To accomplish the things that need to be done with ease, the first things that needs to be done is to make a spring cleaning checklist. The spring cleaning checklist can be very beneficial for cleaning the home in a strategic manner so that the home can be cleaned thoroughly in and out within a specified period of time. 

#1 – Gather all of the Cleaning Products and tools

Before starting this kind of project, it is important for people to have all of the essential products and tools. In some cases, the family may need to visit their local grocery or hardware stores to buy what it is needed. The type of cleaning products can differ from one family to another since some families will only use green products instead of the traditional cleaning products like ammonia, bleach, lysol, pine sol and other household favourites. 

Once the homeowner or their family members have purchased all of the household cleaning products that they need, they should also comb the stores to find the cleaning tools that will make the job easier. For instance, if the homeowner has hardwood floors in their homes, they will need to make sure that they have the appropriate hardwood floor cleaning equipment available to start and complete these kinds of job. 

#2 – Look for Hacks Online

Even though spring cleaning is not new and people tend to have a certain way that they like to see things done, there’s a huge amount of information on the internet today that can make virtually any job much easier. Therefore, before an individual begins cleaning projects, they should look online for cleaning hacks for the home.’ 

Fortunately, there are a lot of great tips that will not only leave a room much cleaner, but also make it easy to clean in minutes instead of hours. For instance, if the family has to clean dirt and grime out of the tiles in their bathroom floor, they can use a mixture of baking soda and water to make a paste. Once the paste has been made, a family member can use an old toothbrush to lift the dirt from tiles without a lot of elbow movement. Another hack that homeowners should know about is how to clean oven racks without the traditional loud smelling chemicals in oven cleaning products. With this hack, all the person needs is a few dryers sheets. To remove the goop, all the person has to do is to soak the racks in warm water for about an hour, and then rub the goop off with ease. 

#3. Divide the Work vs Work together

Every family is different so the spring cleaning list will also differ. While some people prefer to work together by taking one room at a time, others may want to work by themselves by taking responsibility for a specific area. It really does really not matter which way the family chooses to clean their home it simply needs to be well planned in advance. For instance, if the family members choose to work together to clean the entire home, they may want to start cleaning out the garage and other storage areas first. By tacking storage areas as the first chore, the family will have additional space, when it is needed. 

# 4. Start at the Top

If the family chooses to work together instead of as individuals, one of best places to start in any room is the top and work down. Sometimes people neglect this part of the room since it is not easily seen by themselves or others. However, these are places that the owner does not want to miss since it holds dust, cob webs, spiders and the like. Which means, if these areas are eliminated from the plan, they may cause a certain amount of risks for the entire family. For instance, the spiders can begin to crawl out of their webs and infiltrate the room. Because spiders bite people, this is not something that anyone wants to occur.

#5 – Cleaning the Kitchen and CNY cleaning Projects

The kitchen is an area that the family will also need to pay special attention to. Since food can easily get caught between crevices, spring cleaning is a great time to take care of these little intricacies. Its also the perfect time to clean out the lighting fixtures and remove any bulbs that need to be replaced. If there are appliances that’s not functioning properly, some homeowners may also take the time out to purchase new appliances, especially if they have had them in their home for 10 years or more. 

There are numerous things that will need to be done during spring cleaning time. Before getting started, the owner of the home or another family member will need to make a checklist. This checklist should include a wide variety of things to do including gathering all of the cleaning products and tools to avoid wasting time, looking for hacks online to make the job easier and faster, dividing the work up into manageable tasks, starting at the top of the room to do a thorough job, and cleaning the little things in the kitchen that’ normally missed and not tackled.

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